Friday, July 17, 2015

Comrade Commissar Clinton

Politics and Propaganda go hand in hand just like Politico and the Democratic party. And speaking of, the following  tweet from Politico caught my attention

Inside Hillary’s campaign headquarters

The poster on the wall immediately caught my attention and seemed rather 'Stalinesque' and rather fitting considering the new left lurching populist pandering coming from the Clinton Campaign.   A Closer look of the poster :

Now a trip down propaganda memory lane with a few of the other progressives from world history. 

Hillary Clinton is in good company.They all have the blood of their countrymen on their hands, embrace the far left for maximum power and control of the masses and are 'ethically challenged'. Most importantly, they know what is best for you and know you aren't bright enough to realize it.  Your resistance is futile. .

Hillary is a progressive populist of convenience. 

Hillary Clinton should be in the movies. In fact,  it is called Hillary The Movie. 

Remember, when it comes to progressives peddling populism, equality and fairness are just talking points. In fact, when examined closely, we find that  “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.”

Read - George Orwell 'Animal Farm'