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NDAA Gathers Up the Posse

New Fed Law Lets Reservists respond to disaster

Thursday, Aug. 30, 2012 | 3:18 p.m.
As hurricane season arrives, governors have a new resource to call upon in the event of a major disaster: military reservists.
Historically, there's been no mechanism under federal law to order reservists to duty in response to a domestic emergency. But the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act has changed that.
It gives governors the ability to request the help of the nation's 380,000 reservists in a natural or manmade disaster. Governors already can mobilize National Guard troops.
Army Reserve Maj. Gen. Luis Visot (Viz-OTT') told a disaster preparedness conference in Washington state on Thursday that the goal is to have reservists ready to respond within three days of such a request.
Hurricane Isaac in Louisiana didn't require such a response, so the new authority has yet to be used.

From Law Enforcement to Protection FROM the Military

 Posse Comitatus Act
 In 1878 the use of a posse comitatus was limited by the passage of the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878. This act, passed in response to the use of federal troops to enforce reconstruction policies in the southern states, prohibited the use of the U.S. Army to enforce laws unless the Constitution or an act of Congress explicitly authorized such use. This act was amended five times in the 1980s, largely to allow for the use of military resources to combat trafficking in illicit narcotics. Posse Comitatus Act

Today, the Posse Comitatus Act has taken on a very different meaning from the one that it had in 1878. No longer associated with Reconstruction, it is a useful way to prevent the U.S. armed forces from directing their efforts against U.S. dissident groups. Public sentiment in favor of the Posse Comitatus Act is so strong that a 2006 law permitting an exception to the Act in cases of public disasters (in response to Hurricane Katrina) was repealed a year later The Posse Comitatus Act of 1878 

Indeed, to quote the AP article "But the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act has changed that"
Major Cities like Seattle and Oakland have had their police departments "federalized" and State's rights issues like voting rules or legalized marijuana have all come under attack by the Federal Government. Clear 10 th amendment violations and realms of the State. Why give the State government access to the military all the while subverting their Constitutional authority with Global initiatives and Federal mandates?
The conduct of the Government appears curious and questionable. Preparing or provoking? Service or sinister.  The powers to build a domestic army should help the blogosphere make sense of some of the previous news. Is this point hollow, too?

Left Wing Media Exposes the Extreme Republican Delegates - Lost in the Edit?

The left wing Democracy Now goes trolling for quotes at the Republican Convention on 08/29/2012 . They managed to work David Koch (leftist dog-whistle sound for Tea Party),  Sen. Akin's retracted 'legitimate rape' comment association attempts leading into 'extreme' views on abortion and the NECESSITY of a BIG GOVERNMENT. The leftists have agreed on the war on women and class war MEMES as the recurring themes for the sake of repetition.Trying to get the Republican delegate to admit his love for government is a nice touch.

Democracy Now gives us this insight into into the Republican Party

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Talking Points Memo and MSNBC Push the Ryan is Lyin' MEME about GM


Talking Points Memo and MSNBC Pushes the Paul Ryan is Lying MEME About the Janesville GM Plant Closing under Bush.


Paul Ryan Speech Slams Obama For Wisconsin Factory That Closed Under Bush  Paul Ryan Speech Slams Obama For Wisconsin Factory That Closed Under Bush 

"Paul Ryan, repeating a line from his stump speech, slammed President Obama for failing to rescue an auto plant he visited in Wisconsin in 2008:
A lot of guys I went to high school with worked at that GM plant. Right there at that plant, candidate Obama said: “I believe that if our government is there to support you … this plant will be here for another hundred years.”  That’s what he said in 2008. Well, as it turned out, that plant didn’t last another year.  It is locked up and empty to this day.  And that’s how it is in so many towns today, where the recovery that was promised is nowhere in sight.
Only problem -- the plant closed in 2008. As in, under President George W. Bush"


First, the basics for my Comrades on the Left, May I present Google and Wiki.

Janesville GM Assembly Plant 

GM Plant in Janesville WI open until June 2009
In October 2008, GM announced Janesville Assembly would be largely idled December 23, 2008 when production of SUVs would end.[10] A skeleton crew continued to work at Janesville Assembly through June, 2009, completing the Janesville/Isuzu light truck contract.


On January 13, 2010 GM put Janesville Assembly on stand-by to produce new vehicles due to recent increase in demand for GM vehicles

Wait, there is more:

  "Wisconsin provided GM with $10 million in grants in 2004 to help with a $175 million plant overhaul. The deal required GM to keep 3,330 workers at the plant through 2010, but the payroll has been shrinking, going from 4,100 in 2003 to about 1,600 as of last month"  GM Speeds Up Janesville Plant Closing 

Obama did speak at the Janesville plant in February 2008, and suggested a government partnership with automakers could keep the plant open, but made no promises as Ryan suggested?

"I believe if our government is there to support you, and give you the assistance you need to re-tool and make this transition, that this plant will be here for another hundred years," Obama said.
From The Detroit News:

 "Reports that the GM plant I visited in Janesville may shut down sooner than expected are a painful reminder of the tough economic times facing working families across this country. This news is also a reminder that Washington needs to finally live up to its promise to help our automakers compete in our global economy. As president, I will lead an effort to retool plants like the GM facility in Janesville so we can build the fuel-efficient cars of tomorrow and create good-paying jobs in Wisconsin and all across America."
 Barack Obama Thrice Mentioned Janesville GM Plant In 2008

Yes, that's right, they couldn't officially close the plant, and not in December of 2008. So YES, Obama could have helped the factory. Remember the Auto Bailout?  TPM, MSNBC and all the hosts owe Paul Ryan an apology and should resign. Obama's Speech in Janesville, Wisconsin

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Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy
Republican Wisconsin Governor Walker deals nicely with the lies from the @msnbc crew at the Republican Convention on 08/29/2012 - Full Segment on MSNBC

Updated: The leftists doubled down on the lie @msnbc and @tpm pushes. Add in the DISCREDITED  to the death of the Paul Ryan is Lying MEME and the collusion and corruption in the media is exposed yet again for Obama 2012

The Hustle: TPM Bottom Deals the Race Card for Obama 2012

 Talking Points Memo sees the market among leftists for any 'news' material that claims racism. The drive-by innuendo is enough to make the story. No pesky facts for details, video, audio, actual copies in hard print. No, just the implication will do just fine. Boost those click on ads from mindless and leftist bots, trying to reinforce the 'feeling' of what they think, not actual facts or information to increase knowledge. Here is the headline below. Please look for actual FACTS in the article.


RNC Attendee Allegedly Threw Nuts At Black CNN Camerawoman, Said ‘This Is How We Feed Animals’ 

Updated at 10:38 p.m. ET
An attendee at the Republican National Convention in Tampa on Tuesday allegedly threw nuts at a black camerawoman working for CNN and said “This is how we feed animals” before being removed from the convention, a network official confirmed to TPM.
The CNN official declined to confirm specific details of the incident to TPM but generally confirmed an account posted on Twitter by former MSNBC and Current anchor David Shuster: “GOP attendee ejected for throwing nuts at African American CNN camera woman + saying ‘This is how we feed animals.’”
It is not clear whether the alleged culprit was a delegate or attending the convention in some other capacity.
In a written statement, CNN addressed the matter but divulged few details: “CNN can confirm there was an incident directed at an employee inside the Tampa Bay Times Forum earlier this afternoon. CNN worked with convention officials to address this matter and will have no further comment.”


 Well, if former MSNBC and Current anchor David Shuster implies racism, it is surely a meme Talking Points Memo is willing to PUSH. Previous blog on TPM's  Race-Hustle The Leftist Race-Hustlers at TPM should Buzz Off about Voter ID

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The Leftist Race-Hustlers at TPM should Buzz Off about Voter ID

The Leftist Race Hustle for Obama 2012 comes in many Forms. This Obamaganda Piece appeared at Talking Points Memo                        08/29/2012


TPM does the race hustle for the White House

South Carolina Lawmaker Said ‘Amen’ To Email Comparing Blacks To ‘Bees Going After A Watermelon’ South Carolina Lawmaker Said ‘Amen’ To Email Comparing Blacks To ‘Bees Going After A Watermelon’ 



What a great headline from the Leftist race-hustling machine at Talking Points Memo. What happens when we scratch the surface. What can we find? Soro's Brennan Center for Justice says Voter ID is a racist Republican conspiracy to supress the vote , therefore the LEFTIST RAGS must prove it now.   The racists and all those that support Voter ID  ,(such as Jimmy Carter and the other 100 democracies in the world) must be pointed out to support Barack Obama for 2012 and the continuing race-hustle meme pushed by the coalition . Misleading wordplay and loaded  headlines will get the job done. 
Talking Point Memo Writes:

State Rep. Alan Clemmons, who authored the South Carolina voter ID law being argued in federal court this week, admitted on Tuesday he welcomed a racist email he received from a friend in support of the law.
Clemmons replied with “Amen” and “thank you for your support” after a man named Ed Koziol wrote that black and poor voters would “be like a swarm of bees going after a watermelon” if the legislature offered a reward for obtaining identification cards, according to McClatchy

As a reader, I was suspicious as to why the part about blacks and poor voters was not in quotes too. Surely the race-hustlers would have a copy of the email and that vital part is in it if it were actually true? So we look at the actual McClatchy article that follows and what do we find. Implications and Innuendo of a civil rights lawyer involved in the case. Should the government give an incentive to get an ID? Don't let those pesky details get in the way of the race-hustle sponsored by the DOJ and the Coalition for Obama 2012.

"Garrard Beeney, who represented the civil rights groups, presented emails sent to and from Clemmons' personal account between 2009 and 2011, when he was working on the law. One, from a man named Ed Koziol, used racially charged rhetoric to denounce the idea that poor, black voters might lack transportation or other resources necessary to obtain photo ID. If the Legislature offered a reward for identification cards, "it would be like a swarm of bees going after a watermelon," Koziol wrote."

Read more here:
  S. Carolina lawmaker admits positive response to racist email on voter ID bill 

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Read more here:

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Jessie Jackson Jr.- Extra Nayak, Hold the Mayo

Exhaustion, Depression and Bi-Polar. Just a few of the headlines and the charade behind the invisibility of Democrat House Rep. Jessie Jackson Jr. The only other big words we left out of Jessie Jackson Jr's (JJJ) disappearance is COINCIDENCE and Raghuveer Nayak. A week  before Nayak gets scooped up for fraud, J.J.J. has already disappeared.. Add in Barack Obama, his Senate seat for sale and JJJ  as the co-chair of the Obama campaign to keep it interesting.  Blago has previously supported JJJ for the Senate, and now JJJ is offering cash and Blago wants something real 'golden'  Don't forget about Tony Rezko , another of the connections to Blago and Obama.  Wiretaps for years, corruption and shady deals, yet this will swept under the rug, at least until after the re-election of Barack Obama 2012. Legends and Legacies are at stake. Those just add to the mystique of money and power and provide a tangible benefit in a "pinch". Patrick Fitzgerald leaves office, Media portrays Fitzgerald as fearless crime fighter, Patrick Fitzgerald protected Obama delayed Blagojevich prosecution

The headlines and stories read the same with no serious questions asked in the media about Blago, Obama or Jackson.. The leftists media has always pushed the Jessie Jackson franchise on the glory and wonder of a black presidency. Surely this support of anything Jackson and the failure of the Obama presidency  ethically, economically and constitutionally would lead to their embarrassment and discredit as well. The problem is solved if it remains invisible, unvetted, unreported  and un-investigated .  Here is the JJJ story in the news.
By SEUNG MIN KIM | 6/25/12 7:11 PM EDT
Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. (D-Ill.) has taken a medical leave of absence because he is being treated for exhaustion, according to his office.

"In a brief statement released Monday, Jackson’s staff disclosed that the lawmaker has been on medical leave since June 10. Jackson, who has served in Congress since 1995, has not voted in the House since June 8, voting records show.

A spokesman for Jackson did not know when the lawmaker would return to Washington.

“He asks that you respect his family's privacy,” the statement from the office said. “His offices remain open to serve residents of the Second District.”
Jackson is currently facing a House Ethics Committee probe into allegations that he used congressional resources to try and convince then-Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich to appoint him to President Barack Obama’s old Senate seat. A December 2011 report from the Office of Congressional Ethics found that Jackson was willing to trade campaign donations in exchange for being appointed to fill Obama’s Senate seat, and the ethics panel announced then that it will continue to review the matter, but stopped short of a full-fledged investigation."
Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. treated for exhaustion, takes medical leave 
 A real hard hitting piece from Politco
What was Jessie Jackson Jr's Story on the Senate seat?

December 2008 Denial of any involvement with Blago
Posted: Jun 20, 2012 9:32 AM CDT Updated: Jun 27, 2012 9:33 AM CDT
CHICAGO (Associated Press) -
Raghuveer Nayak — a former campaign fund-raiser for U.S. Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. and a key figure in the Rod Blagojevich scandal —  has pleaded not guilty to fraud charges related to his outpatient surgery centers.
A judge set bond Wednesday for Nayak at $10 million. Nayak has agreed to post six properties in Indiana and Illinois and was released from custody immediately after a brief hearing in federal court.
He was accused of paying bribes and kickbacks to physicians for patient referrals and filing false federal income tax returns. FBI agents detained Nayak on Wednesday at his suburban Chicago home.
Nayak, who owns outpatient medical centers in Illinois and Indiana, was charged in a 19-count indictment with mail fraud, interstate travel in aid of racketeering and filing false income tax returns for 2005 to 2008.
"Over the course of the scheme, Nayak paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to different physicians in exchange for the referrals that the physicians had made or would make to Nayak's facilities," according to the indictment. "As Nayak intended, the physicians materially deceived their patients by not disclosing to the patients that their physicians were being paid to make referrals to Nayak's facilities."
Prosecutors are seeking $1.8 million in Nayak's "alleged fraud proceeds," including forfeiture of his Oak Brook home and two surgery centers. Authorities allege the fraud took place from 2000 to 2010.
While he was never charged and didn't testify during Blagojevich's corruption trials, Nayak's name has come up in connection with them. He has also been mentioned in a House Ethics Committee probe over Jackson's alleged ties to Blagojevich.
At the former governor's first corruption trial in 2010, prosecutors said that another Blagojevich fundraiser, Rajinder Bedi, was ready to testify that Jackson instructed Nayak to raise money for Blagojevich's campaign in exchange for an appointment to President Barack Obama's old Senate seat. Bedi did testify that he attended a meeting with Jackson and Nayak, but the judge barred jurors from hearing specifics.
Nayak was a major campaign contributor, giving nearly $500,000 to candidates between 2000 and 2008, according to the Illinois Campaign for Political Reform. About 40 percent of that amount went to Blagojevich, with the rest being contributed to a who's who of state and national political figures, most of them Democrats.
The group found that Nayak contributed about $12,000 between 1998 and 2008 to Jackson, with most of those contributions coming in $2,000 increments, the largest amount he was allowed by law to give to federal candidates per election cycle.
Nayak, a longtime friend of Jackson, also reportedly told the FBI that the congressman directed him to buy plane tickets for a woman described as Jackson's "social acquaintance." The issue came up on the campaign trail during Jackson's 2010 re-election and in the March primary, which the Democrat easily won. Jackson has since called it a personal matter that he and his wife have dealt with privately.
Jackson, who first won office in 1995, has not been charged and has repeatedly denied wrongdoing. He remains under investigation by the House Ethics Committee. Jackson's spokesman declined to comment Wednesday.
Former prosecutor Gil Soffer told FOX Chicago News that he  doesn't believe the new charges against Nayak mean that prosecutors are trying to find a new route to Jackson.
"Your first instinct is to say, they're trying to squeeze him. They're trying to apply leverage to get information related to the Blagojevich case," Soffer said. "But, after giving it about three seconds thought, I don't think that's where it's going. I think in many ways this may be a wrap up to that investigation and they're closing out this loose end."
Nayak was represented at the hearing by Thomas McQueen, a Chicago attorney. He declined to comment about the charges after the hearing.
Blagojevich began serving a 14-year-old sentence on 18 corruption convictions in March.
 Candidate #5

"As the FBI planned the arrest of Blago, most of the serious wannabees lobbying for appointment to Obama’s Senate seat had backed off the pursuit, no doubt realizing that association with Hot Rod was about to become toxic.
But, there was still one candidate with his eyes on the prize.  Right up to the day of Blago’s arrest, Candidate #5’s people were working hard to put a package together to buy their guy the seat. Had Fitzpatrick waited a bit longer to pull the trigger on Blago, Candidate #5 might have been swept up in Fitz’s rush to stop a “corruption crime spree” in progress.
But it wasn’t to be, because the precise timing of the arrest of Blago was really about saving Jesse Jackson Junior’ political career.  And maybe even his freedom.

The Designated Bundler: Raghuveer Nayak
A prominent member of the Chicago Indian business community plays a key role in this story.
Here’s how the Chicago Tribune described Raghuveer Nayak in a December 10, 2008 article:
Nayak, 54, is a political and community leader in Chicago's Indian community who has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for Blagojevich, including more than $200,000 from Nayak, his wife and his various corporations. Nayak and his wife have donated more than $22,000 to Jackson, federal records show, and raised more for the congressman.
Nayak owns a series of surgery centers on Chicago's North Side. He also founded and until recently retained an ownership stake in a drug testing laboratory with millions of dollars in Illinois public aid contracts."
Patrick Fitzgerald: Intrepid Crime Fighter? Or, Politically-Driven Leaker? Saving Jesse Jr. (Part 4)

With direct connections to fraud and corruption, two direct associates of the POTUS will remain out of sight and the newscycles. There will be no scrutiny, no Rose Garden or press conference questions.  It is an election year and the main-stream media is supported and staffed by the far left, that there is no doubt. This is just another example of the leftist media trying to keep THEIR men golden by insisting all of the POTUS's connections are coincidental, never cronyism, collusion and corruption. 

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3 Blagojevich cronies in federal court this week
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Previous blog on Jessie Jackson Jr
Democrat U.S. House Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. - Corruption is Exhausting