Thursday, December 1, 2016

Kellogg's Exploits Child Labor & Supports Domestic Terrorists Black Lives Matter

When the Kellogg's corporation decided to pull advertising from Breitbart News saying their "company values" conflicted with Breitbart's "hate speech" a few things became clear with just a few searches into the claims. Breitbart News was being falsely maligned by the left yet again. The same left that was said to have pressured Kellogg's into pulling the advertising. The real question was what kind of company values does Kellogg's really have.  Consider this:

Kellogg's exploits child labor ? That isn't good.  Surely it was just and oversight. Except for the fact that the Kellogg's Foundation also supports the domestic terror group Black Lives Matter.

Supporting Domestic Terror,   that's not so Grrrreeeat!  

What is the Kellogg foundation doing supporting that anarcho-marxist domestic terror organization Black Lives Matter?  What kind of "company values" are those.  Like most large foundations, the endowments soon end up supporting and backing far left causes. In this case, the support for Black Lives Matter will not only endear the corporation to the left, but the White House as well. Black Lives Matter helped drive the false race narratives of the left coming into election 2016. Check out the video below to learn more about Black Lives Matter.

Learn more about Tax Exempt Foundations ....

What can you do about it?  #BoycottKelloggs #DumpKellogs