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Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid- Reigns on the Parade

The finger-pointing will increase as the Senate and House ends the session and head home to campaign. Barack Obama will be the first president in history to not have a budget during his ENTIRE TERM in Office. The Democrats and Harry Reid hide behind the Continuing Budget Resolutions and the Budget Act as fulfilling that requirement. Harry Reid's own parliamentarian ruled that he must pass a budget this year. He declined.
The Senate Majority Leader has made changes in debate and amending legislation since taking over as Senate Majority in 2006. The blocking of the Republicans from the democratic process and the ability to represent their voters can be best explained in Harry Reid's own words. Earlier in the same year (2006) when he the was the Minority Whip he said this on "filling the amendment tree".

Senate Congressional Record Feb 28,2006 Read Harry Reid's Quote on the Senate Procedure called "filling the amendment tree"
Of course even a good bill can be improved. That is why we have an amendment process in the Senate. The junior Senator from Wisconsin has tried to offer a small number of relevant amendments that I believe would make this bill even better. I am disappointed
that he has been denied that opportunity by a procedural maneuver known as ‘‘filling the amendment tree.’’ This is a very bad practice. It runs against the basic nature of the Senate. The hallmark of the Senate is free speech and open debate. Rule XXII establishes a process for cutting off debate and amendments, but rule XXII should rarely be invoked before any
amendments have been offered. There is no reason to truncate Senate debate
on this important bill in this unusual fashion. I will vote against cloture to register my objection to this flawed process.

Data as of 05/28/2012 article

According to the Congressional Research Service (CRS), Majority Leader Reid has employed this tactic a record 59 times. He has used it to block minority input into legislation 50 percent more often than the past five Majority Leaders combined. The minority’s only option under these circumstances is to oppose ending debate on legislation (known as “invoking cloture”) in order to convince the majority to allow it to offer amendments to the legislation and thereby represent the interests of their constituents.  (data as of 05/28/2012 post)
 The False Narrative of Republican Filibusters
Republicans have been accused of abusing the filibuster to thwart Democratic legislation. This claim is based on the incorrect equation of filibusters with the number of cloture petitions filed or the number of cloture votes taken. In short, a cloture petition does not a filibuster make. A filibuster, however, happens when an attempt to end debate fails. Successfully ending debate is the opposite of a filibuster.
It only takes a quick glance at the count of cloture votes, however, to realize that Republicans are not obstructing with the filibuster. In fact, the percentage of cloture petitions withdrawn or vitiated has increased to 43 percent this Congress.
This is significantly higher than the average for the previous four decades, and the highest for any Congress in 25 years. Additionally, the percentage of cloture votes passing – that is, invoking cloture – is also rising. The 53 percent success rate for passing cloture votes in the 112th Congress is the highest in the last 40 years. These figure show that any increased incidence in cloture filings is due to the Majority’s impulsiveness—its preference for filing cloture first and asking the Minority to work with it later—rather than an unwillingness of Senate Republicans to work with Senate Democrats. (data 05/28/2012) Senate Democrats Choose Dysfunction OVER Solutions

The Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and the left now use the Republican's cloture and filibuster votes to push the 'obstructionist Republican' MEME and the 'one term president' Mitch McConnell MEME. 

 Mitch McConnell and the Republican 'conspiracy' to not work with Obama

Harry Reid - Party before Country

The media and Democrat party have gone to great lengths to conceal their party and leaders responsibility as the causes of the housing crisis and recession. morphing into the saviors from poverty and the recession they caused.  MEMES and outright lies from the administration and their media know no bounds. How about this media matters headline.   Despite Being Warned, Right-Wing Media Buy Into The "BS" Claims About Obama's Spending Record

 Laughable and patently false, the leftists NEVER question their Cliff Clavinoids dispensed from the propaganda machine. Information nuggets of pedantics, semantics and strawman arguments.  Compare the media matters propaganda to this headline.  President Obama: The Biggest Government Spender In World History 

The only thing this last four years can prove is Obama Is ‘Greatest Hoax Ever Perpetrated On The American People’   and the media and Democrat Party want it to continue. Harry Reid's future plans for the Senate and the Filibuster raise many concerns on both sides of the spectrum. Legislation was supposed to be deliberative, not a steamroller.  Fake Filibuster Outrage From Left 

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