Saturday, July 25, 2015

Bernie Sanders: Just Another Progressive Fraud

Bernie Sanders, the democratic socialist from Vermont that caucuses with the Democrats is the perfect example of a progressive populist politician. The far-left Bernie Sanders is running for the Democratic nomination for President of the United States against Hillary Clinton, the queen of liars. How can Bernie Sanders possibly compete against the Clinton political machine ? Tell really BIG LIES too.

Progressives will proudly believe ANY lie told to them. In fact, cognitive dissonance is their specialty.

Recycling that discredited stat is intellectually lazy and dishonest. Great Job Bernie. .   Not only was the 77 cents on the dollar myth debunked, Bernie Sanders now says the rate is 78 cents for performing the same work.  B.S.

A Bernie Sanders 'supporter' links to this to prove I am wrong.. 

Updated with payscale tweet and graphic

Populist pablum is predictable and pathetic which makes Bernie Sanders the progressive prince of  B.S.  It cannot be just a coincidence that B.S. happens to be Sanders' initials too.

How pathetic is Bernie Sanders? A few of my previous blogs have examined  this B.S. artist.

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B.S. Bernie Sanders is just a progressive puppet-show.