Friday, July 3, 2015

Hillary Clinton: The Progressive Populist of Convenience

The Clintonistas have to explain away Hillary's previous stances on issues or just blatantly lie and say she has always been a 'progressive' and has never changed a position.  Either approach will work on the Kool Aid drinking base of the Democratic Party that is blinded by identity politics and party propaganda. The Democrats are called zero information voters for good  reason.  Emotions can't be wrong or change based on facts or real information.  Cognitive dissonance is required to be a supporter of anything Hillary Clinton or leftist in genera.  Hillary Clinton is a progressive populist of convenience and her supporters really couldn't care less.  Even the fact that they cannot name a single accomplishment of hers won't stop them from blindly supporting her.

 The Washington Post reports:
Is Hillary Clinton’s embrace of populist and/or progressive rhetoric and policy positions consistent with her long-held convictions? Or is she only doing it belatedly, to shore up her support on the left, and to keep pace with the passions unleashed among Democrats by the rise of Elizabeth Warren and other factors? 
The question gained some steam last week when Clinton shifted her stances on two key issues. She came out for a Constitutional right to gay marriage, when previously she’d said it should be left to the states, and embraced drivers’ licenses for undocumented immigrants, a position she’d previously opposed.

The reporter then points out the obvious fact. Almost all the Democrats have morphed their positions on key issues to pander to the coalition of the left.  
The real story here, I think, is what this all says about the changing nature of the Democratic Party.
It’s true that Clinton has plainly evolved her positions on gay marriage and immigration. But large swaths of the Democratic Party have evolved on these issues, too. There has been a stampede of high level Democrats coming out in support of gay marriage in recent years, in a scramble to keep pace with cultural changes that have caught everyone off guard. On immigration, the party is more unified in support of reform than it has ever been, partly a reflection of its increasingly reliance on Latinos. All of this movement is an outgrowth of a broader Democratic Party shift towards the cultural priorities of the coalition that powered Obama victories in the last two national elections — nonwhites, millennials, socially liberal college-educated whites — and away from a reliance on culturally conservative blue collar whites.

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