Thursday, July 16, 2015

Gov. Scott Walker Cleared in Campaign Finance Witch Hunt

As usual, the headline in the left-leaning media and the article that follows never tells the full story. The Governor of Wisconsin Scott Walker has been a target of the left for years now and the recall election that failed has made the left even more bitter.  First an excerpt from
Walker cleared in campaign finance probe

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) did not violate campaign finance laws during recall elections against him, the Wisconsin Supreme Court decided in an opinion released Thursday. 
Wisconsin’s highest court ruled on Thursday that Walker did not illegally collaborate with conservative groups during 2011 and 2012 recall campaigns.

The ruling ends a significant legal challenge against Walker just three days after his entrance into the GOP’s 2016 presidential field. It halts any continuing investigation or legal discovery that could tarnish the Wisconsin governor’s image heading into next year. 
The justices involved with the case split 4-2. 
Justice Michael Gableman wrote in the court’s majority decision that the campaign finance law at issue in the case is “unconstitutionally overbroad and vague.” 
“To be clear, this conclusion ends the John Doe investigation because the special prosecutor’s legal theory is unsupported in either reason or law,” he said. “Consequently, the investigation is closed.”
A twitter reaction sums it up well:

A little more background on the targeting of Walker and conservatives:

 Wisconsin’s Friend at the IRS - Emails show a common cause in restricting political speech. (Image)

The targeting of Walker, conservative groups in Wisconsin were also part of a national effort to silence speech of the Democrat's political opponents.

Don’t Let Prosecutors Terrorize Citizens Under Secret Charge
Last year’s predawn raids against Wisconsin conservatives and subsequent legal harassment from prosecutors suggest a police state.
In the predawn hours of October 3, 2013, armed deputies raided the homes of R.J. Johnson, Deborah Jordahl, and several others in a paramilitary style blitz across Wisconsin. The detainees weren’t terrorists bent on mass murder or the overthrow of the government. The agents weren’t looking for contraband narcotics or illegal firearms. In fact, no one was quite sure what they wanted, but agents got it all; computers, phones, business records, files, and communications dating back years. Deputies told the raided subjects to keep quiet or there would be consequences, as a pedophile might tell his prey.
The targets represent only a fraction of political activists sucked into Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm’s “John Doe”—a grand-jury-type mechanism Wisconsin prosecutors prefer for its secrecy. Chisholm accuses them of “illegal talking” by coordinating messaging, which is supposedly forbidden under Wisconsin’s prolix campaign finance code. The investigation, which Chisholm has expanded 18 times, has engulfed advocates, large and small, for years on end. His favorite tactic is bulk intimidation. Alongside raids and gag orders, he employs kitchen-sink subpoenas, many of which are eventually quashed at great legal expense. When he fails to get sufficient obeisance, he serves arrest warrants and sends people to jail on nonexistent charges. One judge reviewing a John Doe prosecutor’s actions stated, “The conduct described is nothing that we as Wisconsinites should be proud of, bottom line . . . . Mr. Landgraf was behaving badly, probably for political reasons.”
Chisholm’s John Doe represents the worst kind of legal thuggery, rife with personal enmity, conflicts of interests, and professional skullduggery. Unfortunately victims are left with little practical recourse. The laws, judicial doctrines, and disciplinary structures that shield Chisholm and his cohorts should be reformed to prevent this type of abuse from ever happening again. 
Only Conservatives Faced Chisholm’s Intimidation
Chisholm’s jihad against Walker’s allies has been clouded from the start. His personal antipathy for Walker is publicly known. His wife is a union steward reportedly brought by to tears by Walker’s union-busting Act 10. Both Chisholm and his wife have apparently attended anti-Act 10 union rallies. And according to whistleblower Michael Lutz, Chisholm considered it his “personal duty” to stop Walker
The 'progressive' Democrats are used to abusing their power and never being held accountable.  Whether is is the GAB, IRS or any of the alphabet agencies of BIG government the 'progressives' think their ends always justify their means.

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