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Occupy - Media - Elite University - Push Financial Transaction Tax

Occupy- Media - Elite University - Push Financial Transaction Tax (Again)

 Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace
"[T]axation measures on financial transactions... would be very useful in promoting global development and sustainability according to the principles of social justice and solidarity." STATEMENTS OF SUPPORT FOR A FINANCIAL TRANSACTION TAX (FTT) Updated January 2012

 Center for American Progress economists
"Specifically, we suggest that Congress… Tax the U.S. financial services industry to raise an additional $150 billion a year."  STATEMENTS OF SUPPORT FOR A FINANCIAL TRANSACTION TAX (FTT) Updated January 2012

Occupy Wall Street calls for a Financial Transaction Tax “The time has come for a financial transaction tax” 2/29/2012  Paul Buchheit teaches Economic Inequality at DePaul University in Chicago. He is the founder and developer of social justice and educational websites (,,, and the editor and main author of "American Wars: Illusions and Realities" (Clarity Press).

 Interesting that Professor Jeffrey Sachs wrote “Plan B: Agree financial transaction tax” 10/18/2011 and is director of the Earth Institute at Columbia University. Another global agenda.  Authors@Google: Jeffrey Sachs, "The Price of Civilization" Columbia's ties to Occupy Wall Street run even deeper.

Jeffrey Sachs  at Occupy Wall Streeet Oct 2011

Occupy Wall Street was Scripted by Nobel Prize winner Joseph Stiglitz from Columbia University   “Occupy Wall Street- Scripted by Global Banking Interests” We knew Occupy Wall Street would support the FTT. Check out the roster of the supporters of the FTT: Soros, Pelosi, Boston Globe, New York Times, Krugman, Stiglitz.......  CEPR  Advisory Board includes Nobel Laureate economists Robert Solow and Joseph Stiglitz.

Background on the FTT and it's supporters - A lot of the same insiders who crashed the economy
The Occupy Wall Street Movement and their scripted grievances, staffed by the Anarchic Marxist coalition of the new left will be recast by the complicit press as organic and patriotic. It's foundation in tenured drivel, not in the constitution, leads one to believe that the Fourth Estate and academic masterminds coalesce and form the Fifth Column. A noticeable pillar of the structure used to support the socialist utopia after the manufactured collapse of the current system.  Cloward Piven Strategy

Howard Zinn on the new synthesis of the Left. Anarchy & Marxism

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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Occupy the Propaganda Machine - The Campaign

The Occupy Wall Street propaganda machine is still in overdrive. They practice their doublespeak and disinformation with a complicit media creating a loud chorus to drown out the lone truth.  On Oct 25,2011 The following event took place  The Attack on Scott Olsen @ Occupy Oakland - Propaganda or MORE?  Now with the facts we read the following.

February 22, 2012  Cop Identified in Scott Olsen Incident? 

More important than the flaws in the story are the pro-trolls that work the comment section of the propaganda pieces to shout you down and try to discredit the poster. Alinsky RULE 12: Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.
 I have run across a version of the following "original post" before. This one is a better example as the opener and ending are better customized. You will notice the poster never addresses any facts of the article or makes a point of any kind except to attack the messenger.   Don Viszneki Profile @ East Bay Express  Created just for the occasion on 2/22/2012 ? 4 total posts. ZERO FACTS ON SUBJECT. Examine the key words, negative tone and implications. (The message directed @ Slum Jack is diversionary as there is no commenter in the thread with that name.) Another new user also interacts with  "Don" L Michele Lafferty @ East Bay Express 2 Total Posts, also created on Feb 22 2012
Some of the key search terms in "Don's" letter trace to the dailypaul which is currently "down"

                                                                                                                                                                                     Dons next smaller post is another example of disinformation The 25 Rules of Disinformation 

Fake the Outrage
Don Viszneki's  Post " East Bay Express: If it is within your terms of service and company policy, please give us the IP address of that user. If it can be traced to one of the public relations outfits working to influence public opinion, I want to know about it."

The rest of the comment section tries similar tactics against me. They have ZERO facts to offer. They question your credibility and insist the facts are completely opposite of reality.  DOUBLESPEAK   Occupy says they yell truth to power. THEY JUST YELL LIES

More Disinformation on the WEB   International, February 21, 2012 The Anon press release is a spoof. They release their pastebin/pressrelease on Cignitech, cites the CEO David Davidson of a leaderless group Anonymous etc.  It is followed by the real company and press release COGNITECH. 

Anonymous CEO Dr. David Davidson - Mythical Leader gives thanks for fake company Cignatech software 
*Full PastebinBlog copy at bottom of Blog*
Cognitech, Inc. was founded in 1988 with current headquarters located in Pasadena, California

Tweet 10/28/2011

I have paid attention to Occupy Wall Street and the coverage.  The propaganda and disinformation by the Left and the media spreads over the web to feed the circular logic. The circular LIES . A bigger picture look at OWS in my blog: Occupy Wall Street - Scripted by Global Banking Interests 

Copy of Pastebin/Blog:

Friday, February 24, 2012
Anonymous donates forensic software to Occupy Oakland
Press release from Anonymous:
Anonymous donates forensic video enhancement software kit to Occupy Oakland in order to assist the Oakland community by holding police officers accountable for violent and illegal acts.

International, February 21, 2012
Anonymous has announced the recent donation of it's OccupyCSI forensic video software system to Occupy Oakland, in the interest of the Oakland community at large, with the purpose of enhancing and analyzing video footage from the Occupy Oakland protests in order to find the forensic truth in the recorded footage of the Oakland Police Department's handling of protesters.
The OccupyCSI software kit is comprised of many unique software programs including Amped Five® video forensic software, Faces 4.0® facial composite software, the Izotope RX advanced audio forensic software 2.01, organizational tools like Maltego Case Files and Treesheets, and encrypted chat and VPN, for private, encrypted communications during investigations.
The three elements of the OccupyCSI Video Forensic Package:
The InvestigatorBoy™ tool-set is the first and most comprehensive forensic video/image processing software environment in the world. It has over nine thousand proprietary designed, user-friendly plug-ins and facilities that enhance, denoise and deblur. Including is the recent additions that create the ability to perform unprecedented hexa-resolve vector-zooms of forensic video micro-evidence (e.g. faces, badge numbers).
The VideoCrystalz™ tool-set is the first real-time forensic video processing software with the world’s only (Anonymous' U.S. Patent) fully automatic real-time double-universal de-multiplexing, including real-time track zone and real-time ultra-universal DVR capture. VideoCrystalz™ allows for patented lossless video capture with encoding that doubles video storage, and the ability to perform a video search (e.g. cars and people).
Anonymous' PeenMeasure™ tool-set is the world’s only fully-automatic photogrammetronic software that allows the user to perform accurate bio-metric neo-measurements of a suspect’s dimensions (e.g. height, width, area), including measurements from video surveillance and photographs during police actions.  This software is important to the work of Occupy as it allows the user to know the suspected officer's biometric measurements based on the PeenMeasure™ calculations which in turn helps the user eliminate and narrow down individuals who might have been considered suspect.
Anonymous CEO Dr. David Davidson said, in regards to the donation,  “It is our sincere hope that in donating our forensic video OccupyCSI software to Occupy Oakland, we are helping to assist the entire community through the forensic video enhancement and 3D super-analysis of numerous videos that were recorded during the Occupy Oakland protests. Pictures tell the truth and when enhancing these videos and photos forensically, unlawful acts committed by police officers will be seen and analyzed clearly and scientifically, no matter what rank of the officer who committed them.”
About Cignatech, the company who recently donated software to the Oakland Police Department:
In 2010, Cignitech, Inc. received the Advertising Genius Award for excellence in the field of Revolution-based Capitialism. Cignitech is the only forensic video company in the world that, free of charge, armed an out-of-control police state with both proprietary forensic video acquisition hardware and scientific forensic software. In 2012,  Cignitech, Inc. was the first company in the world that tried to vampirically capitalize on the Occupy Movement for the free advertising the company would receive in the press.
Brought to you by Anonymous. Special Thanks to Doxcak3.
This is #OO -->
Posted by at 1:28 PM

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That article was posted on blogspot on January 15th by a user known as "Dan K."

Title of the article: "The Attack on Scott Olsen @ Occupy Oakland — Propaganda and More?"

Much of this article is plagiarized from another article on another blog dating back to October.

The Internet is being filled with propaganda from users like Daniel Kerr.

If you're interested in this kind of thing, there's some sources you may want to check out:

Search for a report called "Blogs and Military Information Strategy" published by the Joint Special Operations University in Hurlburtfield, FL. You can actually download it from the US Air Force website at

Contractors have emerged in recent years that influence public opinion by creating false identities on the Internet on sites like Facebook, Twitter, and blogs, who will actively argue and debate with honest folks, and whose intention is to make people think what their clients want people to think. These clients only include large corporations, rich politicians, and big banks.

Go ahead and search for yourself: "newt gingrich" "twitter followers."

Or search this: "HB Gary Federal" "astroturf"

We need to figure out how to fight the growing problem of paid liars disguised as regular Internet users.

Don Viszneki 

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Santorum Safely Surges After Contraception Coverage Canard

Predictable and right on schedule. The media and the new left continually bait the evangelicals into a fight to fire up the crowd.  The Komen Foundation Flip Flop last week involving Planned Parent Hood had election year and fundraising stunt written all over it. When is the next Komen event? Why would the left go out and vote for Obama in 2012 if they didn't think abortion or X was at stake? The right wing always reflexes at mention of  Planned Parenthood. Game and Tweet on.

Throw in the timing of the Obama contraception decision with the sweep of Santorum on Tues Feb 7 to further bloody up the waters of these piranha primaries. Santorum is a great candidate but I am sure he was even surprised by a hat trick. The left wing and media gore sacred cows and film the responses and attacks on each other calling it a debate, these images and soundbites to be used later. The candidate and party members will seem angry, irrational and rigid and the contrasts will be used as a reason to support Obama. He will be cast as the "compassionate" Christian.( A progressive who practices collective or liberation theology.  Help the 1 percent go to heaven and take their money)  He might even seem Presidential.  Here comes Barack Obama for President in 2012  The media's new moderate and foreign policy hawk, ideal for the independent voter.

1999 Same People- Big Problems
Spending and budgets is the problem and should be the focus in the next debate. We cannot scapegoat the Federal Reserve and not talk everyday of NO BUDGET the move to nationalize student loans and healthcare. This point should be easy to make to most voters. Appeal for justice in regards to the housing crisis. Why did President Obama choose to either hire or not prosecute those involved in the housing collapse? Surely that might interest the voters. You see, there really isnt that much to debate. The Democrats OWN THE ECONOMIC CRISIS AND CORRUPTION  and in this next election, this is GAME POINT.  It is time to lead instead of react. 

#election2012 #gop #reactive 

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Ron Paul Occupies The MN Caucus

This was the year I got involved. Three decades of voting and I had never been to a caucus. The rules seemed simple enough and the location was easy to find. The 4 candidates had their supporters. A person who caucused last time said they had 9 people turn out. This year, 47. A quick check of the crowd for Ron Paul/Occupy age voters and a hipster doofus factor presence and I knew this caucus was in trouble. Comrade hat, skull cap, overcoats, dyed hair and the self-satisfied stare of cultists.   Not really dressed to kill, maybe more like dressed to hijack the primary. Ron Paul- Time to PAC it up and MOVEON

I was eager to be heard, I was motivated and caffeinated and my bald head shone like tin foil in that room. I was for Newt Gingrich. (My previous blogs may explain why my anti-establishment vote was going to an "insider" Newt Gingrich. He's flawed, like a drunk priest that can still slay demons and perform an exorcism on the GOP) They were happy to let me say I was for Newt when it was my turn to stand up and speak. A young guy first spoke who said he was still a registered Democrat and that 2 years ago Ron Paul changed his whole thinking and he was there to vote for Paul.  I followed a nice older gentleman who gave a nice talk and a final pitch for Mitt Romney. I stated my name and my support for Newt. I explained that I used to consider myself a libertarian until I researched libertarianism and Ron Paul and his PAC. I was interrupted in my time to speak because I was criticizing Ron Paul. The unquestioning support of Ron Paul was on display. Two other speakers stand to speak not for Paul. One is interrupted, the second ignored.  No more platitudes for Paul from any supporters, we were ready to vote and get on to assigning delegates. Four of us are now "outed" in the group as being against Ron Paul.

The realization hit me when the tally came in for my group.  5 votes for Newt Gingrich, 6 for Romney, 12 for Santorum and 24 for Ron Paul. We were to vote for 5 delegates and 5 alternates. They were all going to be for Ron Paul. I came in last (12th) place in the delegate vote. Rick Santorum will have won the popular vote statewide, but the PaulBots stacked the delegate deck in my ward.  Left wing sabotage. Ron Paul Occupies Republican Primary.

#mncaucus #ronpaul #electionsabotage #republican #ows

Friday, February 3, 2012

Mitt Romney - The GOP and Selective Amnesia

Conservatives, your math, facts and constitutional arguments wont matter at all in the next election . The state of the economy and performance of the incumbent democrat wont even be a factor for the average progressive or independent voter. Conservatives will be characterized as rich, white, racist and religious. To counter that, the GOP wants to pick Mitt Romney.  He is rich, white. religious and the race-baiting JOKERS will hint, a racist.  President Obama will win reelection and the Republican establishment seems eager to help. Why do the Republicans seem to step in the most obvious of traps?

Causes of Amnesia
The new left supported an attack on the right flank with Ron Paul and the left with Occupy Wall Street. The Democrats always seem to control the message.  Ron Paul's liberalatarian fringe coalition has the Republicans attacking each other over free markets, capitalism and talking drastic cuts in the military.  That positioning makes Obama appear as more centrist and capable on national defense and identifies the liberaltarians as the constitutionalists and masters of finance. The Republicans are left to argue morality based on their most personal beliefs. An argument that an atheist or "intellectual" feels they win every time.

The GOP has failed in countering this messaging and mission as they eagerly throw the Tea Party into the Potomac for positive media coverage and a piece of the Ron Paul voter block.  Romney, Ron Paul Forging Unlikely Alliance If the RNC allows the Ron Paul meme  to succeed as a champion of the right and Obama as a moderate voice, the Republicans will lose their relevance as an organization on the right or based on constitutional principles. The GOP must focus  the message on spending as the NUMBER ONE problem we face to be honest and effective. Common sense will have to trump the race card being played on the MSM on a daily basis. Fighting stereotypes and caricatures is a thankless battle as a supporter of the GOP.  Choosing a candidate that the rank and file support will help me remember why I vote Republican.

Ayn Rand has a message for Conservatives
Spending is the biggest problem

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