Sunday, December 14, 2014

Behind the March - Anti-Police Protests Backed by Communists, Race Hustlers & More

The main stream media is complicit as usual in not only pushing the false narratives of the left, but glossing over details that might be embarrassing or that contradict the 'messaging'. After all, the Divider in Chief Barack Obama has a legacy to advance and it needs to be protected at any cost. Advancing the cause by any means necessary is the only rule of the left today.

Al Shapton's March on D.C. is a classic example. Al Sharpton is Obama's 'race ambassador'.   Who are Al Sharpton's cormrades in the march? Let's take a look. Why weren't the members of the collective scrutinized?  Why were the false narratives allowed to flourish and advanced by the media. Get ready, Pants Up, Don't Loot.

My previous blog  showed the Occupy Wall Street collective was composed of similar groups and this weeks parade of useful idiots protesting against the police and 'racism' was no different around the country..
Socialist Workers Party 


Revolutionary Communist Party 
Party for Socialism and Liberation - Answer Coalition
. The Obama coalition is on display and backed by Obama's Dept. of Justice and AG Eric Holder. Community activism from the top down and the bottom up. Saul  Alinsky's recipe for success. It also serves as a  great distraction from the scandals and failures of the White House domestically and internationally. Abuse of power, bloated and pork laden CRomnibus bill, $18 trillion dollar debt, chaos in the Middle East, that's not a problem. Just send in the collective clowns. After all, it comes down to the Roman strategy of  bread and circuses.. A welfare state mixed with a some community activist race-hustle to focus attention on a 'common enemy'. In this case the enemy is now the police, as long as we ignore the facts that Michael Brown didn't have his hands up and wasn't surrendering and that Eric Garner wasn't put in a choke-hold and died as a result of many things. The leftists don't dwell in facts because they might make you feel bad.  Hyper emotional responses trump the cerebral every time.  besides, hyphenated Americans don't watch the news, they just blindly vote Democrat.

Added 12/22/14

There is no doubt the 'progressives' in this country are socialist/communist malcontents and enemies of liberty and the Constitution. The Vennona intercepts and the conduct of the left for decades have made it clear their common goal is to subvert the Republic, and it is almost following the KGB plans by the book.

Yes, comrade, this is what Democracy and the Democratic Party looks like today in America