Monday, June 29, 2015

U.S. Intel Officials Suspect Syria's Assad Retained Chemical Weapons

The Washington Free Beacon reports:
U.S. intelligence agencies are concerned that the Syrian regime of Bashar al-Assad might still harbor some chemical weapons and could use them in an attempt to prevent his ouster, the Wall Street Journal reports. 
While Assad was supposed to relinquish all of his chemical weapons as part of a 2013 deal brokered by the United States and Russia, intelligence officials say he might have retained small amounts of deadly nerve agents. His regime has also launched dozens of attacks with chlorine, an industrial chemical that can be lethal when weaponized.
The Journal reports: 

Last year, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad let international inspectors oversee the removal of what President Barack Obama called the regime’s most deadly chemical weapons. The deal averted U.S. airstrikes that would have come in retaliation for an Aug. 21, 2013, sarin-gas attack that killed more than 1,400 people. 
Since then, the U.S. officials said, the Assad regime has developed and deployed a new type of chemical bomb filled with chlorine, which Mr. Assad could now decide to use on a larger scale in key areas. U.S. officials also suspect the regime may have squirreled away at least a small reserve of the chemical precursors needed to make nerve agents sarin or VX. Use of those chemicals would raise greater international concerns because they are more deadly than chlorine and were supposed to have been eliminated. 
The intelligence is “being taken very seriously because he’s getting desperate” and because of doubts within the U.S. intelligence community that Mr. Assad gave up all of his deadliest chemical weapons, a senior U.S. official said. […] 
Hamish de Bretton-Gordon, a former commanding officer of the British army’s chemical-weapons unit, said: “Even if the regime had only one ton of VX left, that would be enough to kill thousands of people.”
The Assad regime now reportedly controls only about one-fourth of Syria amid victories for the Islamic State, other terrorist groups, and U.S.-backed rebels.


Is chlorine covered under the chemical weapons agreement with Assad ?

Barack Obama says chlorine gas historically  isn't a chemical weapon.....

Is there any other evidence that Syria didn't get rid of all their chemical weapons?

Is there other evidence of remaining chemical weapons?

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Democrats Push to Close Illegal Immigrant Detention Centers

The open-border-welfare-state Democrat's latest move on immigration is outrageous to say the least.  Rule by fiat and Obama's self-admitted  illegal use of executive action is how the Democrats prefer to govern and 'hispander' to a growing voting block.

From The Hill
House Democrats are amplifying their calls for the Obama administration to ease its detention policies for illegal immigrant families at the southern border. 
The lawmakers, newly returned from a visit to a pair of detention facilities in Texas, said the "jail-like" conditions pose psychological and other health risks for the thousands of women and children being held for processing, many of whom arrived during last summer's migrant surge.
They're pushing Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson to close the facilities and release the families into less restrictive settings while their cases proceed.
Judicial Watch digs deeper into the latest move by the Dems on Immigration - (PIC)

"Let me just make clear: Our goal is to shut the facilities down," said Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-Ill.). "These kids, they shouldn't be in there. ... There is damage being caused to these kids that they're going to have to live with for the rest of their lives." 
Rep. Steny Hoyer (Md.), the Democratic whip, said he found the conditions "troubling" for the sheer number of young kids being held. He suggested the facilities be transformed into temporary holding stations where families remain for only "a few days" before being released while their asylum claims are heard. 
"There's a difference between using beds while [the courts] are making a determination ... and treating them as a locked facility, where they are now, treated as criminals," Hoyer said. "We are urging ... that these facilities, for the purpose they're being used, be closed." 
The two lawmakers were part of an eight-member group of Democrats who traveled this week to the Karnes County Residential Center, a 532-capacity facility in Karnes City, Texas, and the South Texas Family Residential Center, a 2,400-capacity facility in Dilley. 
Judicial Watch also mentions: 
Of interesting note is that Johnson failed to mention the driving force behind his agency’s new policy. His name is Luis Zayas and he is the dean of Social Work at the University of Texas, Austin. In late May a group of pro-illegal alien members of congress, led by amnesty champion Luis Gutierrez of Illinois, wrote Johnson a letter demanding an end to the use of family detention for illegal immigrants. “It is undeniable that detention in a secure facility is detrimental to mothers and children and is not reflective of our values as a nation,” the letter states. “Children require special protections and should not be placed in jail-like settings.”

To back the claim, the lawmakers cite an affidavit written by Zayas, who asserts that children of undocumented or illegal immigrants are often the unintended victims of deportation policies. The professor has examined the effects of deportation on the psychosocial functioning of U.S.-born children of illegal alien Mexicans, according to his university biography, and often testifies in immigration courts on behalf of children and their families. “Presently, Zayas is focusing on the plight of citizen-children whose parents are being deported,” the public university biography states.

This background information is important because Zayas is the expert cited in the persuading letter Congress fired off to Johnson. Zayas determined that the detained illegal immigrant children are “facing some of the most adverse childhood conditions of any children I have ever interviewed or evaluated.” The professor further concluded that “detention has had serious and long-lasting impacts on the psychological health and well-being” of families at one center and that these impacts were evident in families who were detained for as little as two weeks. Days later the agency created after 9/11 to protect the nation from another terrorist attack, actually caved into this absurd assessment.
The Hill Continues: 
As of this week, there were 461 people in the Karnes center and 2,043 in the South Texas facility, according to a DHS spokesperson. A third center, in Berks County, Pa., currently houses an additional 89 people. 
The centers have been under a spotlight since last year, when tens-of-thousands of families and unaccompanied children crossed the southern border –– most of them into Texas's Rio Grande Valley –– marking a huge increase over past years. The flood quickly swamped the border authorities who scrambled for ways to detain, process and, in many cases, deport the kids back to their homes. 
The crisis sparked a decidedly partisan fight on Capitol Hill over both the cause of, and the appropriate response to, the migrant surge. 
Johnson on Wednesday said DHS, after evaluating the family detention system, recognizes the need to make "substantial changes" to better the conditions for the detained women and children. 
With guidance from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Director Sarah SaldaƱa, he announced a series of reforms the agency will undertake, including allowing the release of families "who are successful in stating a case of credible or reasonable fear of persecution in their home countries" and an effort to lower bond requirements to "reasonable and realistic" levels.

"In short, once a family has established eligibility for asylum or other relief under our laws, long-term detention is an inefficient use of our resources and should be discontinued," Johnson said in a statement.
The Democrats have ALWAYS lied about immigration:

Barack Obama's self-admitted illegal executive action on immigration is celebrated by the leftist totalitarian freaks. 

Stringing along the illegal immigrant 'hispanics' who DEMAND citizenship is Obama's specialty.

What is the end game of the Democrats and their open-border welfare state besides maintaining power?

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Social Justice Warriors - A Paid Activist Shell Game of Front Groups

The Democrat party relies heavily on their army of paid activists and useful idiots to keep pushing the left wing's identity politics and dividing issue of the week . The narratives are usually race-based with class-envy thrown in for good measure.  The coalition hides behind other front groups to mask their financing and organizational structure that leads back to the Democrat party and their financial supporters.
Black Panthers, Black Power Salute Then and Now                   
Occupy Wall Street was a great example of this, with the core of the movement consisting of groups representing  LGBT, BIG labor, illegal immigration and anarchists added in for media drama and action.  The manufactured causes vary,but the goal remains the same, keep the zero information voter base engaged for the next election.  This weeks current drama is the Confederate flag flying next to a monument to the Confederate Soldiers.  The usual cries of racism and hate are shouted by the left, but any real examination reveals that the 'issue' has been manufactured.  The left leaning media is eager to push the narrative too. 

On Saturday the news reports the following.:

Activist temporarily takes down Confederate flag at SC capitol
'An activist climbed a 30-foot flagpole early Saturday morning to remove the Confederate flag that flies in front of South Carolina’s capitol building. '

'An activist group Twitter account called Ferguson Action appeared to take credit for the act, in a series of photo and video tweets from the site:' 

Visit the racist paid activist's website
So a group called 'Ferguson Action' is taking credit for the stunt. First, we should ask ourselves  why a group founded on a 4 Pinocchio LIE in Ferguson has credibility.

Second, why doesn't the reporter bother to follow the money?  A paid activist's actions and history aren't  newsworthy ? Where does the money trail lead.? First stop, IgniteNC

Of course, the roster at Ignite shows they basically launched their careers in paid activism while students in college.  These 'institutions of higher learning' are just recruiting and training grounds of future 'social justice warriors' that spread the liberal and anti-American ideas espoused by their leftist professors. These mostly  tax payer funded re-education camps churn out useful idiots and apparatchicks that will serve the Democrat party from election to election while a complicit media acts as their bullhorns.

Of course, now we have to see what the Southern Vision Alliance is about.
SVA was founded in 2014 and conveniently doesn't list it's financing but does fully embrace the marxist SJW lingo.

The coalition of small groups also provides freedom to use any means necessary to have their message heard.  One group in the coalition can foment race riots, arson, looting and even call for the killing of police officers. When members of the group or more informal followers heed their call to arms, the other members of the coalition can distance themselves from them when the public reacts negatively to the violent actions.  Previous marches backed by the coalition are another good example of this.

The Democrat party needs paid activism to keep their zero information supporters emotionally engaged and enraged.  The leftist hypocrites invoke BLACK power to fight racism.  Racism that they need to find in anything, even in a flag flying for soldiers lost during America's most bloody war. The Confederate flag and the Stars and Stripes have never been respected by the left. Flags that are burned, trampled, spat and defected on.   Populism and the mob rules democracy espoused by the Democrat Party is a danger to the Republic.

The Current Truth - Reality Is Now Discretionary

From NRO & The People's Cube 
Exchanges established by the federal government are exchanges established by the state. Rachel Dolezal is black. Iran will honor an agreement not to develop nuclear weapons. ISIS is a JV team. There’s an epidemic of sexual assaults on college campuses. Michael Brown had his hands up and pleaded “don’t shoot.” Caitlyn Jenner is a woman. Obamacare is working. 2+2 doesn’t necessarily equal 4. The polar ice caps are disappearing. The IRS is doing a decent job. The border is secure.We’ve ended two wars responsibly. Hillary Clinton turned over all work-related e-mails. An $18,200,000,000,000 debt can grow without mention. People who burn down buildings and overturn cars aren’t thugs. The OPM hack is manageable. We’ve reset relations with Russia. Entitlement reform can be kicked down the road.
That means, comrades that the Glorious World of Next Tuesday is around the corner!
We’re more respected around the world. When a nation engages in mass delusion in an era of worldwide terrorism, intense competition, and nuclear proliferation, things are unlikely to end well.

Democrat Fraudster & Rapist (Sentence Commuted by Bill Clinton) in Trouble Again

Another Democrat is in the news today.  Of course this rapist, liar, fraudster and tax cheat is a friend of the Clintons and has a lot in common with Bill Clinton, the former Rhodes Scholar.  

From The Hill
Former Rep. Mel Reynolds (D-Ill.) was indicted Friday on charges that he didn’t file federal income tax returns for four straight years. 
The grand jury indictment states that Reynolds, who served in Congress from 1993 to 1995, failed to file returns from 2009 to 2012, the Associated Press reported
While no arraignment date has been set, each of the four counts carries a maximum sentence of one year in prison and $250,000 fine on conviction. 
The 63-year-old former lawmaker and Rhodes Scholar was previously convicted by a state court in 1995 on sexual assault and sexual abuse charges involving an underage campaign volunteer who worked on his 1992 run. 
Reynolds was sentenced to five years in prison and forced to resign from Congress. While in prison, he was convicted of, among other things, bank fraud and making false statement to the Federal Election Commission
President Clinton eventually commuted his sentence. 
In 2012, Reynolds launched an unsuccessful bid for to return to Congress, after former Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. (D-Ill.) resigned from his post after pleading guilty to misusing $750,000 in campaign funds. 
Last year, Reynolds was arrested and jailed in Zimbabwe on charges he had sexually explicit photos and videos on his mobile phone in violation of a censorship law, according to the Chicago Tribune
Authorities dropped the pornography charges and Reynolds pleaded guilty to a lesser visa violation. He was deported back to the U.S.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Bernie Sanders Proposes Taxpayer Funded Union Pension Bailout

The Hill has an article that conveniently omits a  few important facts that the reader would find important or at least interesting.  The image embedded for you  in the article will help you understand who the Socialist Bernie Sanders is paying off to try to win the Democratic nomination. All at taxpayers expense, of course. 
Sanders pushes to block pension cuts
Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) is pushing for legislation that he says will bolster pensions for millions of Americans. 
Sanders, who has emerged as a top candidate against Hillary Clinton for the Democratic presidential nomination, has joined Democratic Sens. Sherrod Brown (Ohio) and Tammy Baldwin (Wis.) in introducing the Keep Our Pension Promises Act, which aims to strengthen multi-employer pension plans.
What is a Multi-Employer Pension Plan ?

The legislation would reverse a provision, included in a spending bill passed last year, that allowed pension plans to cut retiree benefits in an effort to shore up the plans' finances.

Sanders said during a rally outside the Capitol late last week that without a repeal of the provision, "retirees all over this country could see their pensions cut by 30 percent or more. We cannot let that happen."

According to a fact sheet from Sanders' office, many multi-employer pension plans are underfunded or retirees have been "orphaned" after an employer left a plan or it went bankrupt.
In an effort to guarantee benefits, Sanders' legislation would create a fund for "orphaned" retirees. The fund would be offset by closing tax loopholes for the wealthy.

Members of the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers and the International Brotherhood of Teamsters appeared alongside Sanders at his rally late last week. AARP has also backed the legislation.

Reps. Marcy Kaptur (D-Ohio) and Tim Ryan (D-Ohio) have introduced a companion bill in the House.
Bernie Sanders is an avowed socialist, who ran as an 'independent' but does caucus with the Democrats, because they are really socialists too. 

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Jonathan Gruber Had Larger Role in ObamaCare Than Previously Known

 Once the Jonathan Gruber videos were discovered about the deception and the outright lies used to pass Obamacare, the Democrat party and the Obama administration tried to distance themselves from the trash-talking MIT economist. TheHill published the following:
The ObamaCare consultant who once mocked the “stupidity of the American voter” had a bigger impact on the healthcare law than previously known, The Wall Street Journal is reporting.
Jonathan Gruber frequently contacted Obama administration officials via email while crafting ObamaCare, according to the newspaper
The Journal said that previously unreleased messages show that Gruber repeatedly messaged the White House and the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) between January, 2009 and March, 2010. 
He offered advice on healthcare policy and informed officials about media and lawmaker interviews concerning ObamaCare, it added. 

Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) told the newspaper that the communications disprove Gruber’s past assertions that he was a limited participant in creating the healthcare law. 
The House Oversight Committee chairman added that his committee had obtained 20,000 pages emails after working with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), where Gruber is an economist. 
“His proximity to HHS and the White House was a whole lot tighter than they admitted,” Chaffetz said of Gruber’s relationship with the Obama administration, according to the Journal.
“There’s no doubt he was a much more integral part of this than they’ve said,” he added.
Chaffetz also said on Sunday he has sent HHS Secretary Sylvia Burwell a letter for additional information over Gruber’s contract with her agency. 
Outrage erupted last year when video footage emerged of Gruber insulting the American electorate over ObamaCare.  
He was filmed in 2013 reportedly praising “the stupidity of the American voter” for helping pass President Obama’s sweeping healthcare reform law.

Jonathan Gruber always took credit for Obamacare, before he had to distance himself from it...

The King versus Burwell decision should be a no-brainer for the SCOTUS, since the state exchanges were required to be set up to get subsidies.  Jonathan Gruber always said so......

The  'cadillac tax' was another of the LIES told by this administration in order to pass Obamacare. 

Then again, Obama and the Democrats always lied about Obamacare not being a tax

Hey Democrats feel stupid yet or do you just like being lied to ?

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Stephen King: The Horror of Left Wing Stupidity

Liberals generally aren't that bright.  While their parroting skills are usually above average, once released into the wild their true colors are revealed.  For instance, the shooting in Charleston has the overrated author Stephen King taking to twitter with this:
Of course, there were a few things about this tweet a casual observer of would notice right away.......

Glaring omissions of reason and facts NEVER stop a leftist from squawking about the latest news events.  When it comes to populism and zero information voters, the birds of a feather do flock together in the Democrat party.

Did I mention the flag isn't flown over the Capitol ?

It was also reported that the shooter reloaded his handgun FIVE times. to kill 9 people.

Initial reports also said the shooter received the gun as a gift and others have reported the gunman bought the gun himself and passed the background check even though he had a felony on his record.  Blaming inanimate objects such as flags and guns were the predictable response from the Democrats......

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Rachel Dolezal: No 'Biological Proof' I'm My Parents' Daughter

Just when you thought you had heard it all from moonbat Rachel Dolezal, another interview with her hits the web.  This nugget from Politico 

Rachel Dolezal: No 'biological proof' I'm my parents' daughter

Rachel Dolezal, an NAACP activist and the daughter of a white couple who claims to “identify as black,” told NBC News Tuesday night that “there’s been no biological proof” that her mother and father are actually her parents.
Dolezal, who resigned Monday as president of the African-American advocacy group’s chapter in Spokane, Washington, after her parents said she’d been misrepresenting her racial heritage, told NBC’s Savannah Guthrie, “I haven’t had a DNA test. There’s been no biological proof that Larry and Ruthanne are my biological parents.” 
Guthrie noted that Dolezal’s birth certificate includes both her parents’ names. 

“I’m not necessarily saying that I can prove they’re not,” Dolezal responded. “But I don’t know that I can actually prove they are. I mean, the birth certificate is issued a month and a half after I’m born. And certainly there were no medical witnesses to my birth.” 
“Have you ever lied about your race?,” Gutherie asked. 
No, ‘cause never have I been asked, ‘Are you human or not human,” Dolezal said. 
“You know when someone asks you, ‘Are you black, are you African-American,’ you know exactly what they’re asking you. And for you to say yes, is that an honest answer?” Guthrie clarified. 
Dolezal said she had not been asked that question very much before the past few days and reiterated, “Yeah, I do — yeah, I am black.”

John Kerry 'Absolutely Certain' Assad Using Chlorine Attacks on his People

The Obama administration isn't credible on any issue or in the eyes of our foreign adversaries. Syria is another great example of this.  Chlorine gas attacks in Syria have been going on for years now, with only bluster and B.S. coming out of this administration in Washington D.C.

An excerpt from The Hill from 06/16/2016
John Kerry 'absolutely certain' Assad using chlorine attacks on his people
Secretary of State John Kerry is “absolutely certain” that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s regime has launched chlorine attacks on its own people is currently compiling evidence to support it, he told reporters Tuesday.  
“I am absolutely certain, we are certain that the preponderance of those attacks have been carried out by the regime,” Kerry said Tuesday during a surprise appearance at the State Department’s daily press briefing, noting that it’s possible that some members of the opposition could have used chlorine in attacks as well. 
“It has been significantly documented; it’s dropped from airplane. The opposition isn’t flying airplanes or helicopters,” he said. 
“And you can go through a certain sort of tracking of the delivery system and delivery approach. It’s frankly not that hard to pin down in the end, and that’s some of what we will lay out at the appropriate time.” 
Kerry added that he’s discussed the findings with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and, while he’s confident the Russians will raise the issue with Syria again, patience is “wearing thin” over the “extraordinary depravity” of the weapons Assad is allegedly using against his own people. 
“We are not simply sitting there and allowing this to happen without any efforts to see if there is a way to stop it,” Kerry said. “Thus far, it has not been stopped and it is only increasing the international community’s anger at the Assad regime.”
In April 2014 the State Dept. responded to reports of Assad using chlorine gas, a prohibited weapon by their agreement with Assad.

Barack Obama downplays the use of Chlorine on civilians......

Barack Obama claims to have disposed of Syrian Chemical Weapons.......

Barack Obama and his administration armed ISIS in Syria and overlooked the use of chemical weapons for years now. Obama's claim to have destroyed Syria's WMD is just further proof that Putin and Assad outplayed the amateur, Barack Obama, at every turn.  .

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Spokane NAACP Leader's False Claims of Hate Crimes & Race

The leftist grievance industry shows it's 'true colors' with the outing of another phony race-hustler and dweller in the halls of academia, Rachel Dolezal.

Spokane NAACP leader Rachel Dolezal falsely portrays herself as black, family says
SPOKANE, Wash. — Controversy is swirling around one of the Spokane region’s most prominent civil rights activists, with family members saying the local leader of the NAACP has falsely portrayed herself as black for years.  
Rachel Dolezal is president of the Spokane chapter of the NAACP, chair of the city’s Office of Police Ombudsman Commission, and an adjunct professor at Eastern Washington University. 
The Spokesman-Review reported Thursday that questions have arisen about her background and her numerous complaints to police of harassment. The story was first reported by the Coeur d’Alene Press. 

Dolezal’s mother, Ruthanne, says the family’s ancestry is Czech, Swedish and German, with a touch of Native American heritage. 
Dolezal has identified herself in application materials as white, black and Native American.
Police say they have found little evidence of racial harassment.

Rachel Dolezal posing with Marilyn Mosby, the disgrace from Baltimore.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Low-Income Housing - Built at Twice the Cost of Market Rate Homes

The high costs of subsidized affordable housing is classic BIG government at work....

This is why low-income housing is so costly in the Twin Cities
New low-income housing can cost as much -- or more -- as any other kind. 
Ironically, government-subsidized "affordable housing" is often built at twice the cost of market-rate homes
"They are so expensive because of the dysfunctional nature of how they are produced," said Alan Arthur, CEO of nonprofit housing developer Aeon in the Twin Cities. 
The homes are called "affordable" because low-income people can afford the subsidized rents. But they are more expensive to build, with the government paying the cost.  
Critics say giving low-income people such expensive homes is like feeding the hungry with caviar. It's wasteful, they say, at a time when affordable housing is becoming a crisis. 
"The shortage is devastating. It is definitely getting worse," said Eric Hauge, tenant organizer with Homeline, a nonprofit Minnesota advocacy group. 
Low-income apartments in St. Paul's Green Line Hamline Station are being built for $400,000 each. That puts them among the top 12 percent of comparable units for sale in St. Paul, according to the website
For every one of those units built, two median-priced homes in St. Paul could be purchased.
Other affordable units also cost more than market-rate housing. For $296,000 apiece, affordable units were built in the Project for Pride in Living in St. Paul. In Minneapolis, the Franklin-Portland Gateway project in 2012 produced 97 affordable units for $260,000 to $341,000 each.

Why does low-income housing have such high price tags?

Developers and housing advocates say it's because of high financing costs, expensive urban locations, housing regulations and a failure to embrace lower-cost types of housing.
Read more of the article for further details......

Obama Vows to Keep Pandering to Illegal Immigrants

Barack Obama, the pathological liar and panderer in chief, makes another speech promising to keep fighting for 'undocumented' immigrants with election 2016 just around the corner. His empty rhetoric mostly blames the GOP and trumpets his actions. His words don't hold up to scrutiny, however.

An excerpt from follows.
Obama vows to keep fighting for undocumented immigrants
President Obama vowed Saturday to keep fighting for undocumented immigrants despite actions by Republicans and some judges to derail his executive orders.
“I’m going to keep doing everything I can to make our immigration system more just and more fair,” Obama said in his weekly address Saturday, marking Immigrant Heritage Month.
Obama said he took action last November to provide more resources for border security and to modernize the legal immigration system to bring illegal immigrants “out of the shadows.”
“Some folks are still fighting against these actions,” he said. “I’m going to keep fighting for them. Because the law is on our side. It’s the right thing to do. And it will make America stronger.”
Obama ridiculed House Republican leaders for refusing to allow a vote on a Senate-passed immigration bill from 2013. 
“For nearly two years, Republican leaders in the House have refused to even allow a vote on it,” he said.
- Obama has NEVER done everything he can when it comes to immigration. IN FACT, he promised to pass immigration his FIRST YEAR in office, when the Democrats controlled the House and the Senate too....

Barack Obama's executive action on immigration is ILLEGAL, by his own admission.

After stringing along the 'Hispanic' voters through a couple of election cycles and after losing the House of Representatives to the GOP, the Democrat controlled Senate finally passes an immigration bill that was written behind closed doors and didn't allow full Senate input. The House of Representatives was under no obligation to work on this flawed legislation and work with a Democrat Senate that wouldn't allow GOP amendments to legislation for years.

What are the goals of the Democratic party when it comes to immigration, an open border policy and a welfare state?  The answer is clearly spelled out by former Democrat Governor Richard Lamm.....