Saturday, November 29, 2014

Michael Brown Family Autopsy “Expert” Is a Fraud

 Pathological Liars

A great piece at Hot Air linking to a CNN article adds another item in the list of shocking distortions,  misrepresentations and outright lies used by the supporters of Michael Brown to push their narrative.   Now Pants Up, Don't Loot.
Readers may not know Shawn Parcells’ name, but those who have followed the Michael Brown case know his work. Parcells worked with the Brown family and pathologist Michael Baden on a private autopsy, the results of which Parcells claimed demonstrated that Brown had been (a) shot in the back and (b) shot with his hands in the air in a position of surrender. Both claims were later discredited by the official autopsy and witness accounts to the grand jury that heard the case, but not before the claims made by Parcells on a number of news shows fueled protests and unrest across the nation.

So who is “Professor” Shawn Parcells? He’s not a professor, he’s not a doctor, and he’s not qualified to work unassisted on autopsies either, as CNN discovered. In fact, his interference in another case allowed a murderer to go free, and the college at which he claims adjunct status says they never hired him in that capacity. Is Shawn Parcells just a remarkable auto-didact, or “a very good con artist” as law enforcement considers him (via Chuck Lane)?
Ending with:
The easiest conclusion one can reach is that the media didn’t feel the need to check into Parcells’ background and claims because he gave them the narrative that they wanted to sell. If that’s the case, then Parcells wasn’t the one running the con.

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Saturday, November 22, 2014

White House And DOJ Colluded With CBS To Silence Reporter

Email Proves That White House And DOJ Colluded With CBS To Silence Sharyl Attkisson

A document obtained by Judicial Watch via a Freedom of Information Act request proves that Justice Department colluded with the White House and CBS to silence a Sharyl Attkisson investigation into Fast and Furious, and a negative piece about Rep. Darryl Issa by then National Journal Reporter Susan Davis was actually planted by the DOJ.

Judicial Watch announced Thursday that it received from the Obama Department of Justice a treasure trove of documents pertaining to Operation Fast and Furious. The documents were forced out of the Obama administration through a June 2012 Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request and subsequent September 2012 FOIA lawsuit.

Our initial review of the documents shows the DOJ and White House targeted then-CBS journalist Sharyl Attkisson :
On October 4, 2011, Holder’s top press aide Tracy Schmaler tells White House Deputy Press Sectary Eric Schultz, “I’m also calling Sharryl’s [sic] editor and reaching out to Scheiffer. She’s out of control”

Schultz responded, “Good. Her piece was really bad for the AG.”

Schultz also detailed to Schmaler that he was working with a journalist (Susan Davis, formerly of the National Journal) to target Rep. Darryl Issa (R-CA), the House Republican leading the charge on Fast and Furious:

“And I sent NJ’s Susan Davis your way. She’s writing on Issa/FandF and I said you could load her up on the leaks, etc.”

(Davis authored a critical profile of Issa a few weeks later.)

This one email chain implicates both the Obama White House and the Department of Justice in an effort to secretly undermine a congressional investigation and to suppress critical media reporting of the Obama administration. No wonder Obama waited until after he was safely reelected (and even after this year’s elections) to finally release this material that documents obstruction and abuse at the highest levels
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