Saturday, July 18, 2015

Biased Media Spins Hate at South Carolina Rally

The Spin from the left wing media was on full display in South Carolina today.  Of course, the leftist jokes at the Huffington Post can always be counted on for half the story and peddling progressive pablum  The coverage of the two rallies sums it up nicely Check out the headline and article......

The main picture of a racist posing with the 'black power' salute wearing a shirt with a black hand with the meddle finger was only a start.  The article's images are the only hint that the Black Educators for Justice are affiliated with the militant Black Panthers terrorist organization.  Some news organizations actually reported that fact and that is another reason the Huffington Post cannot be considered anything but an arm of the Democratic Party or the DNC.   The only other giveaway to a connection to the Black Panthers would be ONE of the photos that they published at the bottom of their 'story' 

The flag and the black power salute aren't addressed in the story, but the Klan narrative and imagery isn't hard to miss.   Even video of the Black Panthers rally was hard to find scouring the web and is posted next. 

Chants of 'black power!' by the black panthers isn't racist or hateful ?  Obviously the left wing media either doesn't think so or doesn't want you to know the whole story.

The Huffington post wasn't alone

Others tried for at least a little balance