Wednesday, June 21, 2017

CNN Covers For Killer of Virginia Teen

The tragic murder of the teenage muslim girl in Virginia started off with a few assumptions on the left   and their allies in the legacy media .......

Imagine the 'shock' on the left when that predicable narrative blew up in their face, yet again ...

Once it became known the killer was an illegal, the left's cause of the week was abandoned. Don't worry though leftists/Democrats , CNN won't mention the killer's 'immigration status' (wink) as they help the story to fade away.  
Community to mourn Muslim teen attacked near mosque

Teens had attended midnight prayers

On Sunday, the teen had been with a group of friends after an overnight service at the All Dulles Area Muslim Society (ADAMS Center). 
Police and her family said the group of friends had left the ADAMS Center after midnight prayers, heading to a McDonald's before the next fast began. The mosque holds prayers throughout the night during the observance of Ramadan. 
On their way back to the mosque, the group walked and rode their bikes on the street and the sidewalk, while the suspect, Darwin Martinez Torres, drove, police said. 
Police say Torres saw the group in the street and on the sidewalk. He became so enraged after arguing with one teen he drove up on a curb, police said. 
He later found the group in a nearby parking lot, chased them on foot with a baseball bat and allegedly beat Hassanen. 
Torres, 22, put the injured teen in his car, officials said. Her body was found Sunday evening in Loudoun County.
Torres has been charged with murder and faces a maximum punishment of life in prison. Police are investigating the possibility that the teen was sexually assaulted, said Fairfax County police spokeswoman Tawny Wright.
Now the left and their network CNN can get back to the serious business of shouting racism and 'islamophobia' 

*For those keeping scoring at home, CNN is ISIS

Friday, May 12, 2017

Poliitfact's Mostly False Claim About Donald Trump

Continually revisiting the failed Clinton campaign narrative of a Putin-Trump conspiracy in election 2016 is a favorite past time of any form of Never Trumper. The red-baiting is polling well for the Democrats and it appears it is also great ratings for their allies in the media. Speaking of Democrats and propaganda, have you seen "Poltifact" today?

Read the article if you care to examine their word play or you can just believe you own lying eyes and watch James Clapper in his own words ....

The Obama administration was caught spying on an opposition candidate for President of the United States who ending up winning the election. Awkward indeed.  Somehow the story isn't about Susan Rice unmasking the names of their opposition during an election.  Strange Indeed.