Friday, August 14, 2015

ISIS Chemical Weapons Attack in Syria Exposes the Obama Administration's Deceit & Failure

More bad news for Barack Obama, his administration and the Democrats today.  More events in Syria tarnish Obama's already failed foreign policy 'legacy'. A legacy of deception, appeasement, weakness and failure.

Officials confirm ISIS used mustard agent in Syria

If the origins of the mustard gas is from Syria, it is just another example of the failure of Obama's chemical weapons agreement with Syria. If the origins of the mustard gas is from Iraq, it is just another example of WMD that were in Iraq. If it was just an improvised weapon, then it highlights the fact that the Obama administration also aided ISIS to fight Assad in Syria by moving arms from Benghazi,  Libya through Turkey to their destination in Syria. This chemical weapon attack by ISIS in Syria  was bad news, especially for Obama and the Democrats.  

U.S. Intel Officials Suspect Syria's Assad Retained Chemical Weapons