Saturday, August 29, 2015

Father of Slain Reporter: Virginia Senators Still Have Not Called

A few facts "conveniently" got lost in the following article at in regards to the shooting in Roanoke that took the lives of the white T.V. reporter and  a white cameraman. First, an excerpt of the story:

Father of Slain Reporter: Va. Senators Still Have Not Called
The father of Alison Parker, the Virginia reporter who was killed by a former co-worker Wednesday, criticized his state's two senators for not calling him yet. 
Andy Parker said Friday that Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe was the first elected official to call him but that he had not heard from Sens. Tim Kaine (D) and Mark Warner (D). 
“I have not heard a word from Sen. Kaine. And I have not heard a word from Sen. Warner," Parker said, according to CNN.

Parker ran an unsuccessful run for the Virginia House of Delegates in 2007 as a Democrat and interacted with the men on the campaign trail. 
"They campaigned for me when I ran for the House of Delegates. And it's very disappointing that Sens. Kaine and Warner haven't at least given me a call and come out against this," he said.
One of the white victim's fathers happens to be active in the Democratic party. Would a party loyalist exploit a personal tragedy for political gain ?  The article continues:
Parker has been doing numerous interviews since his daughter's death and has said his mission is to push for stricter gun control measures to prevent another mass shooting. 
Vester Lee Flanagan II, a former reporter at Alison Parker's TV news station, WDBJ, shot and killed both her and Adam Ward, a photojournalist. Flanagan also shot the woman they were interviewing, Vicki Gardner, who is expected to recover. 
What facts have we learned from the shooting so far in Roanoke ? The killer legally bought his weapon and passed the background check since he did not have a criminal record. The killer was a black homosexual and an Obama-voting member of the mainstream media. In other words, the killer was a true blue Democrat too. A Democratic voter who eagerly bought into the divisive lies of identity politics pushed by the Democratic party that resulted in the two term election of the divider in chief, Barack Obama.

A Democratic party that pushed the LIES of "Black Lives Matter' and whose party members apologized for saying that "ALL LIVES MATTER". A party that gleefully parroted the false narrative of "hands up,don't shoot" while cities were looted and burned. A party that ginned up its base that resulted in police being assassinated in the streets of America.  A party that has been taken over by the anarcho-marxist left, first in the form of Occupy Wall Street and now Black Lives Matter.

Will Andy Parker ever get a call from the Senators or Barack Obama.   Will Barack Obama say if he had a son, he would look like Adam Ward like he did withe the thug Trayvon Martin?  Will the Democrats blame the shooting on the divisive rainbow flag or the hateful and militant black power salute?  Will the white father of the daughter killed in a hate-crime by a black homosexual be abandoned by the hypocritical left? Will the leftists reward their party loyalist Andy Parker with support only if he calls for more meaningless gun control ?

The Democratic race hustlers won't be taking your calls......