Thursday, August 20, 2015

Is Black Lives Matter activist Shaun King lying about his race?

A white man pretending to be a black man is caught red handed.  From CNN
(CNN) Shaun King, a leading voice in the Black Lives Matter movement, didn't mince words in his response to the allegation that he misrepresented his race and passed for black when he's actually white. 
"The reports about my race, about my past, and about the pain I've endured are all lies," wrote King, who blogs at the Daily Kos. 
"I refuse to speak in detail about the nature of my mother's past, or her sexual partners, and I am gravely embarrassed to even be saying this now, but I have been told for most of my life that the white man on my birth certificate is not my biological father and that my actual biological father is a light-skinned black man," he said.
Got it.  Shaun King refuses to offer any facts to counter the evidence against him.....
King was answering allegations made this week by websites and the Daily Beast that claimed King's father is white. 
Breibart published what it says is King's Kentucky birth certificate, listing Jeffery Wayne King as the father, but the document doesn't list his race. The Daily Beast said public records it reviewed show that King's father is Caucasian. 
Black Lives Matter -- the nationwide rallying cry of activists protesting the killing of unarmed black men by police -- is growing in the limelight and King has been at the center of it, appearing often on television talk shows and at protest sites.
Funny, given that Black Lives Matter and Shaun King gained notoriety based on the 4 Pinocchio LIE of "hands up, don't shoot" and the Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson.

The facts of the case are sprinkled in with 'compassion' for Shaun King by the journos at CNN

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Who can forget Rachel Dolezal ?

White people telling white lies bashing white privilege for Black Lives Matter can only really mean one thing....  Black Lies Matter