Monday, August 17, 2015

State Dept. Suddenly Discovers Thousands of Emails from Top Clinton Aide

Hillary Clinton and the State Department's cover-up of  Benghazi and  Hillary's emails took a turn for the worse today. A reasonable person can no longer believe that the State Department, the Obama administration and Hillary Clinton are merely inept.  The stonewalling, the leis and  cover-up are intentional and criminal.....

State Dept. turns up thousands of emails from top Clinton aide that previously 'did not exist'. 

After it was revealed earlier this year that Clinton, and potentially some of her aides, used personal email accounts for official business, Gawker sued the State Department over its initial request for communications between Reines and reporters. 
Gawker asserted the search must not have been exhaustive if it turned up no emails between the press and a State Department spokesman, who regularly communicated with the media.
In March, Reines said reporters would have to ask the State Department about the apparent discrepancy. 
In last week’s court filing, the State Department estimated it would begin releasing some of those emails that do not fall within an exemption on Sept. 30. It will release more every 30 days as they are reviewed. 
The agency said it does not know how many of the 17,855 are exempt from disclosure and will have to be redacted or handed over to other agencies for redaction. It said it is willing to negotiate with Gawker to narrow the scope of the request. 
The emails at issue from Reines’s official State Department account are separate from the 20 boxes of emails from his personal account that he handed over to the State Department last month, related to the controversy about Clinton’s use of a private email account and server.
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