Friday, August 28, 2015

Barack Obama Targets Iran Deal Opponents With LIES & Slander

Barack Obama, the divider in chief, was never concerned about leading and representing all of America's citizens or the countries best interests.. His only concern was pandering to HIS coalition, pushing HIS agenda and pretending to have a foreign policy success for the sake of HIS legacy. The Iran nuclear 'deal' is just another example of the lies and mindless attacks this amateur president is willing to resort to for the sake of any perceived success.  

Just a few days ago, any opponents of his Iran deal were 'crazies'.

Just a few days later,  the community activist in chief  now ups the ante with more lies and attacks. These two articles from are from the same day.....

The White House on Friday blasted Republican presidential candidates Donald Trump and Ted Cruz for planning a protest against the Iran deal on Capitol Hill, labeling it a “pro-war rally.” 
“Senator Cruz and Donald Trump have announced they are going to hold a big pro-war rally on the steps of the United States Capitol,” press secretary Josh Earnest told reporters.

The phrase is a familiar one for Earnest, who also used it to dismiss an anti-Iran deal event organized by Cruz in July.
President Obama on Friday defended the rhetoric he has used to sell the Iran nuclear deal, which has troubled some prominent American Jewish leaders.

Obama and his allies have repeatedly claimed critics of the accord prefer war with Iran, a charge that some leaders say has triggered a backlash against Jewish lawmakers who oppose the deal.

At no point have I ever suggested, for example, that somebody is a war monger meaning they want war,” Obama said during a webcast sponsored by major American Jewish groups

Obama has ALWAYS lied about the terms and goals of the Iran nuclear "deal" and he won't be held accountable by the press, as usual. In fact, the liberal press with cheerlead for him as usual.  The secret nuclear side deals with Iran and the fact that  Obama Signed Off on Iran’s Right to Nuclear Program in Secret 2011 Talks are just two of the problems are just a few of the examples of how Obama intentionally misled the American and Israeli people.

Just listen to Barack Obama's own words from December of 2013

Barack Obama's nuclear "deal" with Iran is based on deceiving the American people.His party is no exception and will give as much support as necessary to see this bad "deal" through.  Obama's legacy is one of lies, deception and contempt for Israel and the other 49 percent of the American people that didn't vote for him.