Sunday, August 9, 2015

Black LIves Matter vs. Bernie Sanders: Social Media Deception Used to Cover Huge Split in Democratic Party

The Bernie Sanders' supporters and the Democrats are obviously embarrassed by the fracture in the Democratic party. The second major interruption of Bernie Sanders by the Black Lives Matter agitators in Seattle drew even more attention to the white, very liberal, well-off backers of Bernie Sanders.  The following tweet and a  false facebook post were pushed in the news comment sections by the trolls to pretend that there wasn't a rift and that the protesters that stormed the stage weren't with BLM and from out of  town.

First, the tweet was a fake and the twitter account is no longer active.  Strange?

A comment from TheHill  pushing the discredited tweet......

The other 'apology' made by BLM that never happened was started on facebook and since retracted....

The TROLLS were also quick to push the fake facebook post at TheHill to save face........

The Democratic coalition is unraveling before our eyes and will only receive a fraction of the coverage that Donald Trump is receiving even though the rift on the left is wider, deeper and isn't repairable. The Black Lives Matter  racist street theater is on full display and is a monster of the Democrat's creation.  The actions and the quotes from the protesters say a lot about the Democratic Party and the black activists in America today.  From CNN:

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