Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Another 57 Clinton Email Threads Contain Classified Foreign Governments' Information

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's stonewalling, coverups and lies that began with Benghazi and continue with her personal email server contents are now hard to ignore, even for the most loyal Democratic party and Hillary Clinton supporter.  Information on Hillary Clinton's unencrypted homebrew email server that is 'born classified' was transmitted and stored in violation of the rules and regulations of the State Department and 18 U.S. Code § 793 of  Federal Law.

Will the Democrats and the Obama administration hold one of their own accountable for their actions and to the rules of the BIG government that they adore? Obviously not.  Does progressive mean sheer hypocrisy, blatantly dishonest and above the law ?  Of course it does. The failure to appoint a special prosecutor or independent counsel and to bring Hillary Clinton before a grand jury means there is no Justice in Obama's Justice Department and this Administration truly is lawless.

Remember when Hillary Clinton lied and said there was no classified information on her private email server? The homebrew email server and its contents the State Dept. helped Hillary Clinton hide from the oversight of Congress and numerous FOIA requests?

An excerpt from Reuters on Hillary Clinton's latest email scandal document dump: 
"Here's my personal email," Hillary Clinton wrote to U.S. special envoy George Mitchell on a summer Sunday in 2010 as he telephoned one European official after another in an effort to keep peace talks between the Israelis and the Palestinians on track. 
"Pls use this for reply," Clinton wrote in her email, sent from the account she set up on an unsecured, private server in her New York home for her work as secretary of state. 
Over the following hours, Mitchell wrote back to Clinton with summaries of his conversations, including one with Spain's foreign minister, who had briefed him on discussions with Palestinian leaders. The State Department has redacted the summary of the minister's thoughts, saying it is classified information. 
The exchange is among dozens in a new batch of Clinton's emails released this week that shed further light on how Clinton handled information while she was secretary of state from 2009 to 2013. 
Clinton, front-runner to be the Democratic candidate in the November 2016 presidential election, has faced steady criticism from political opponents since it emerged in March that she used a private set-up rather than a government-issued email address. 
Clinton has maintained she did nothing wrong. She says she sent no information via email that was classified at the time, and received no material marked that way. 
The Federal Bureau of Investigation is examining Clinton's server to see whether information was mishandled. No evidence has emerged suggesting Clinton's email practices harmed national security. 
A review last month by Reuters of previously released Clinton emails found 30 email threads that the State Department has marked to show they include information shared in confidence by foreign government officials, from prime ministers to spy chiefs. 
U.S. government regulations examined by Reuters say this sort of information, whether written or spoken, must be classified from the start, and handled through secure, government-controlled channels
The Clinton-Mitchell correspondence is one of 57 email threads found by Reuters in the latest batch of emails released on Monday that the State Department has marked as including the same type of information.

In all the 87 email threads examined by Reuters, the State Department has blanked out the confidential information in the public copies, adding the classification code "1.4(B)", denoting foreign government information.

Hillary Clinton's denials are pathetic. A classic example was when she denied being subpoenaed.

The State Department and Hillary Clinton have stonewalled and lied about Benghazi from the beginning and the fact that the State Department and Hillary Clinton concealed her use of a homebrew email server for years were more than suspicious. Deleting tens of thousands of emails and wiping the server while under investigation and subpoena aren't criminal ? The ever-changing story of the classification of emails and the wordplay around "marked classified" aren't credible when the information that Hillary Clinton finally turned over shows that the information was "born classified".

Of course, Hillary really has nothing to hide.......
Former Clinton Aide to Invoke Fifth Amendment in Response to Congressional Questions Over Private Email Server 

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