Saturday, June 27, 2015

Social Justice Warriors - A Paid Activist Shell Game of Front Groups

The Democrat party relies heavily on their army of paid activists and useful idiots to keep pushing the left wing's identity politics and dividing issue of the week . The narratives are usually race-based with class-envy thrown in for good measure.  The coalition hides behind other front groups to mask their financing and organizational structure that leads back to the Democrat party and their financial supporters.
Black Panthers, Black Power Salute Then and Now                   
Occupy Wall Street was a great example of this, with the core of the movement consisting of groups representing  LGBT, BIG labor, illegal immigration and anarchists added in for media drama and action.  The manufactured causes vary,but the goal remains the same, keep the zero information voter base engaged for the next election.  This weeks current drama is the Confederate flag flying next to a monument to the Confederate Soldiers.  The usual cries of racism and hate are shouted by the left, but any real examination reveals that the 'issue' has been manufactured.  The left leaning media is eager to push the narrative too. 

On Saturday the news reports the following.:

Activist temporarily takes down Confederate flag at SC capitol
'An activist climbed a 30-foot flagpole early Saturday morning to remove the Confederate flag that flies in front of South Carolina’s capitol building. '

'An activist group Twitter account called Ferguson Action appeared to take credit for the act, in a series of photo and video tweets from the site:' 

Visit the racist paid activist's website
So a group called 'Ferguson Action' is taking credit for the stunt. First, we should ask ourselves  why a group founded on a 4 Pinocchio LIE in Ferguson has credibility.

Second, why doesn't the reporter bother to follow the money?  A paid activist's actions and history aren't  newsworthy ? Where does the money trail lead.? First stop, IgniteNC

Of course, the roster at Ignite shows they basically launched their careers in paid activism while students in college.  These 'institutions of higher learning' are just recruiting and training grounds of future 'social justice warriors' that spread the liberal and anti-American ideas espoused by their leftist professors. These mostly  tax payer funded re-education camps churn out useful idiots and apparatchicks that will serve the Democrat party from election to election while a complicit media acts as their bullhorns.

Of course, now we have to see what the Southern Vision Alliance is about.
SVA was founded in 2014 and conveniently doesn't list it's financing but does fully embrace the marxist SJW lingo.

The coalition of small groups also provides freedom to use any means necessary to have their message heard.  One group in the coalition can foment race riots, arson, looting and even call for the killing of police officers. When members of the group or more informal followers heed their call to arms, the other members of the coalition can distance themselves from them when the public reacts negatively to the violent actions.  Previous marches backed by the coalition are another good example of this.

The Democrat party needs paid activism to keep their zero information supporters emotionally engaged and enraged.  The leftist hypocrites invoke BLACK power to fight racism.  Racism that they need to find in anything, even in a flag flying for soldiers lost during America's most bloody war. The Confederate flag and the Stars and Stripes have never been respected by the left. Flags that are burned, trampled, spat and defected on.   Populism and the mob rules democracy espoused by the Democrat Party is a danger to the Republic.