Saturday, June 20, 2015

Stephen King: The Horror of Left Wing Stupidity

Liberals generally aren't that bright.  While their parroting skills are usually above average, once released into the wild their true colors are revealed.  For instance, the shooting in Charleston has the overrated author Stephen King taking to twitter with this:
Of course, there were a few things about this tweet a casual observer of would notice right away.......

Glaring omissions of reason and facts NEVER stop a leftist from squawking about the latest news events.  When it comes to populism and zero information voters, the birds of a feather do flock together in the Democrat party.

Did I mention the flag isn't flown over the Capitol ?

It was also reported that the shooter reloaded his handgun FIVE times. to kill 9 people.

Initial reports also said the shooter received the gun as a gift and others have reported the gunman bought the gun himself and passed the background check even though he had a felony on his record.  Blaming inanimate objects such as flags and guns were the predictable response from the Democrats......