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Injustice and Intimidation - Politics and Patronage at DOJ

U.S. Attorney B. Todd Jones and Eric Holder
Saint Anthony Village Intimidated by Eric Holder's DOJ in Election Year Distraction

 The  Link to a previous blog is a lot more background on the namesake of the Abu-Huraira Islamic Center, the Hamas linked CAIR and Islam in general. The manufactured issue of the "racist" denial of the zoning EXEMPTION (A.K.A. EXCEPTION) for their project made it straight to the Federal Government. I had to wonder what kind of lawyer thinks that the Local and State governments lack the power, integrity and ability to govern their affairs. Why does the terror-linked CAIR and the ACLU seem to have so much sway over the Eric Holder Justice Department in an election year?  Pay attention to Eric Holder’s law firm and Guantanamo detainees  Why would the US Attorney  B. Todd Jones, interim ATF chief during the Fast and Furious Coverup participate in this election year media event?  Pandering to their coalition under the guise of  "social justice" and distracting the public's attention away from Fast and Furious in this election year is more than plausible. Who is B. Todd Jones?  First, the background on the Islamic Center.

U.S. Attorney Looks into Mosque Denial in St. Anthony Village
Updated: 06/21/2012 7:50 AM
Created: 06/20/2012 9:36 PM KSTP
By: Jay Kolls
"5 EYEWITNESS NEWS has learned the U.S. Attorney for the District of Minnesota is now looking into a permit denial for an Islamic Center.
Last week, the Village of St. Anthony denied a group of Muslims a conditional use permit to open the Islamic Center and mosque. The city council said the Islamic Center did not meet zoning requirements.
But, 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS obtained an email written by U.S. Attorney for Minnesota B. Todd Jones that says he has assigned an attorney to review St. Anthony's decision to make sure it was not an act of discrimination. The Feds are interested in this case because St. Anthony's Planning Commission voted 5-1 to approve the permit. Then, just before the city council's vote, the city changed its zoning ordinance and the council then voted, 4-1, to deny the permit. We are told the Feds want to know why the Council made a last minute change in the zoning ordinance before the vote was taken.
City officials in St. Anthony declined comment because there is possible litigation with this case. The U.S. Attorney's Office confirmed they are looking into the matter but also declined to comment."
(The Highlighted part of the story is oddly worded and unexplained. A strange and suspect addition to the story.)
Background: The reporting of the story on 6/12/2012  11:05 pm

"The St. Anthony City Council has voted down a conditional use permit that would have allowed a former Medtronic building to be used for an Islamic center.Tuesday evening's 4-1 vote against the permit came after a roughly two and a half hour hearing that drew nearly 100 people, most of them against the project. 

The Abu-Huraira Islamic Center had requested a conditional use permit that would have allowed them to move into the first floor of the former Medtronic building, located off of Old Highway 8. The building is currently zoned light industrial and city code only lets places of worship exist in residential areas.

The city issued a four-month moratorium to study the zoning issue, prompting the Council on American Islamic Relations to accuse the council of intentionally slowing the process due to community opposition.
City officials say it is strictly a zoning issue because keeping the property as industrial would generate more taxes for the city.

Ahead of Tuesday's hearing, an attorney for the Islamic center said the group could file a lawsuit against the city for discrimination if the permit isn't approved.

The permit had previously been approved by the city's Planning Commission." Council Votes Down Permit for Islamic Center in St. Anthony 

 Snail Mail or Speed Dial?  6/13/2012
On Wednesday, the executive director of the Minnesota chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-MN) sent a letter to the Department of Justice asking for an investigation into the decision.
The group attributes the decision to discrimination, citing anti-Muslim comments made by some residents at Tuesday's council meeting.
City officials, meanwhile, say the issue is strictly about zoning, as keeping the property as industrial would generate more taxes for the city.
City code only lets places of worship exist in residential areas. Group Calls for Investigation into Denial of Islamic Center Permit

 B. Todd Jones

Who is  B. Todd Jones ?

"The Senate has confirmed alumnus B. Todd Jones ('83) as U.S. Attorney for the District of Minnesota. He was nominated by President Barack Obama on June 4, 2009, and will replace acting U.S. Attorney Frank Magill, who was appointed in January 2008 to fill the position after Rachel Paulose resigned.

Jones has already served in this capacity, from 1998 when he was recommended by then-Senator Paul Wellstone, until the end of January 2001. He was the first black U.S. Attorney in Minnesota history."
"Jones was a senior associate attorney at Oppenheimer, Wolff & Donnelly from 1989-92 and a managing partner at Greene Espel from l994-97"

Does the recommendation of  B. Todd Jones by Paul Wellstone , a well-known progressive poser and state campaign chair for the laughable Jesse Jackson in 1988, show more lack of fairness, ethics and judgement by Wellstone in his eagerness to appoint the "first black MN U.S. Attorney" Of course it does. Paul Wellstone couldn't even keep his own pledge on term-limits.

Detailed information on B. Todd Jones is lacking, but we do have this article that shows that he is NOT impartial on Islam and the community Countering Violent Extremism through Community-Based Approaches. by B. Todd Jones, U.S. Attorney for the District of Minnesota
In fact, it is community activism and social justice with the full power of the Federal Government. Justice with an agenda measured in election results. Has the pandering and outreach to the Somali community been effective?  Hardly.

Most counts of contempt in Minn. terror case nixed  
"MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — A federal appeals court has thrown out 19 of 20 contempt-of-court citations against a Minnesota woman convicted of funneling money to terrorists in Somalia.
The Eighth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals on Monday affirmed the first contempt charge against Amina Farah Ali, a Muslim, who refused to stand for the judge and jury early on in her trial last October, saying it is prohibited by her religion"

Somali Sex Trafficking Case Finishes With Split Verdict: 3 Convicted, 6 Acquitted
 A Tennessee federal jury split its verdict Friday against nine people accused of operating a sex trafficking ring across three states run mostly by Somali refugee gang members, convicting three men and acquitting six. The defendants are among 30 who were indicted in the case that spans from Minnesota to Ohio and Tennessee

Minneapolis helps Muslim businesses follow Sharia law
 "Since December 2006, the city of Minneapolis, in partnership with the African Development Center, has given out 54 loans in a way that is compliant with Islamic law"

Another Somalia suicide bomber may have Minneapolis ties
 If authorities verify his identity, he would become the third identified Minnesotan to have died as a suicide bomber in Somalia. About 20 young men from Minnesota are thought to have traveled to that war-torn nation in the past few years to join the fighting, and Ali's death would mark the 10th death of a Minnesotan there. 10/31/2011

The Obama Administration and leftists are not about the Constitution, sovereignty, liberty or the rule of law. Ruling by fiat, mandate and intimidation are the means to their ends. The leftists alliance with Islami-fascism is no longer a hidden secret. Iran and Occupy Wall Street - Fascism and Marxism Ally     The complicit old media backs the progressive narrative and agenda Half-Truths and Half the Story - Local News Bias at KSTP

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