Sunday, June 3, 2012

Mars Science Laboratory 'Curiosity' - The Next Rover on Mars

Carl Sagan - 'Millions & Billions' of fans

NASA - Exploring and 'Curiosity' with Mars

Explaining my interest in space and discovery is easy. I have always been glued to the TV watching Carl Sagan's 'Cosmos' or information on Space Lab or Voyageur and other probes launched into deep-space.

Carl Sagan was a supporter of unmanned space flight as the most efficient means to gather the most information.
MTV was in the spirit
Here is a few videos dedicated to NASA and the next mission of the rover 'Curiosity'  or Mars Science Laboratory. Launched by NASA in November 2011, it is scheduled to arrive in August 2012  Music Science Videos.

'Exploration' with NASA and The Karminsky Experience

NASA animated Mars Science Laboratory 'Curiosity' Mission