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YWCA and AFL-CIO launches War on White Women

The Obama 2012 Coalition - Envy and the Race Hustle are Tools of the Cultural Marxist Clique'

An introduction into the latest race-hustle meme for the election of Obama 2012 sponsored by Big Labor. Their actions will be disguised in coalitions of social justice and civil rights, a tactic favored by the SEIU (Service Employees International Union) Jessica Shearer - SEIU as a "civil rights" organization- Occupy Wall Street
What is the UnFair Campaign?  In their own words.
To raise awareness about white privilege in our community, provide resources for understanding and action, and facilitate dialogue and partnership that result in fundamental, systemic change towards racial justice.

Men: Mathematical Minority

Who created the Campaign and its materials and how will they be used?
A committee of the YWCA, (Young Women's Christian Association) working with a Duluth area advertising agency, developed the graphics for the campaign over the course of a year. The content, look and feel were developed after extensive conversations with the committee and community partners.
Posters were printed and made available to partner organizations from mid-October 2011 through January 2012.  They will be used to bring attention to the issue of white privilege as well as serve as a tool for encourage dialogue and programs that meet partners organizational objectives.
In January, the campaign will launch publicly with billboards, bus signs, additional posters, and radio and TV public service announcements. At that time, posters and other campaign materials will be made available to the wider community.

 Campaign Partners

Un-Fair Campaign

Big labor was a substantial backer of the Occupy Wall Street meme, again forming with a diverse coalition of leftist causes. Immigration and gay rights were other causes used by big labor to gain support for OWS and the reelection of Barack Obama. The Young Women's Christian Association is now targeting white women. Feel Empowered?

Big Labor supports the Boston LGBT- Directly connected to OWS also
The Atlas Project - Big Labor, Soros and SuperPAC

The Atlas Project - Big Labor, Soros and SuperPAC

OWS and AVAAZ and Big Labor

Joseph Stiglitz talks Occupy Wall Street Video
Occupy Wall Street - Scripted by Global Banking Interests 
Occupy - Media - Elite University - Push Financial Transaction Tax

 Here is how the campaign of RACE HUSTLING plays on the local media
University Sponsors Controversial Race Campaign
 It started with controversial billboards. Now a public service announcement is making the topic of race an issue in Duluth.
The Un-Fair campaign aims to eliminate racial disparities. Rather than focus on minorities who may not be treated fairly, the campaign is focused on white people. The campaign argues white people have a hard time seeing racism since they enjoy privileges others do not.
Eighteen entities are sponsoring the campaign, including the University of Minnesota Duluth.
The university says a recent campaign-produced video is divisive and has alienated some, though the school still supports the campaign's principles. University Sponsors Controversial Race Campaign

The Duluth group says the fact that 90 percent of Duluth is white, therefore it is racist. That happens to resemble the rest of the State of MN. The key fact facing Duluth is there is NO REASON FOR ANYONE OF ANY RACE to move to Duluth.

Duluth's population, meanwhile, remained flat. Mayor Don Ness wants the city to have 90,000 residents by 2020, which would reverse the declining population trends Duluth saw in the 1980s because of a downturn in the taconite industry. In 2010 Duluth's population was 86,265   
Census data confirms suburban growth, greater diversity in Minn. 

Duluth's problem is NOT the fact that they are white, therefore automatically racist as you suggest. Their problem is they are Democrat Farm Labor and Big-Labor Kool Aid drinkers who support these organizations, politicians and their messages of envy and division.  If you are playing the math, then you really have a problem with WHITE WOMEN, as they are the statistical Majority. The YWCA and AFL- CIO launches war on white women will make a good headline.  Female persons, percent, 2011, 50.8% 

See leftists, we can all be martyrs and victims with statistics. How progressive.

The MNNice  campaign targets kids. how progressive

'Social justice' in your schools
\Two Faces - The Progressive Agenda 

X 'White Girl'

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