Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Democrat Dianne Feinstein: A Bridge Too Far

35w Bridge Collpse Mpls MN

Company that Consulted in MN Bridge Failures Seeks New Project

"The engineering firm that consulted on the collapsed 35W bridge and the Sabo Pedestrian Bridge that had a broken cable may get another large project in Minnesota.
URS corporation is hoping to get a seven year, $94 million contract for the Southwest Light Rail transit line.
A Met Council Committee was set to vote Monday afternoon but decided to table the issue.
35W Bridge Collapse Mpls MN
They first want to learn more about the problems with the Sabo Bridge."  By: Leslie Rolander
2 Cable Anchors Failed on Martin Olaf Sabo Bridge

Sabo Bridge- Support Cable Failure

Martin Olaf Sabo Bridge Failure

Local Media Coverage @kstp

URS in deal to acquire Washington Group

"URS has a history of anticipating change in the industry, and this transaction is the next logical step in building for future growth," URS Chief Executive Martin Koffel said, noting the firms' strength in power production and infrastructure and environmental management.
The combined company, to be called URS, would have an order backlog of more than $11 billion in more than 50 countries. The two companies currently have 54,500 employees worldwide.
The deal is designed to give the companies additional heft in a competitive global arena. In April, URS led the Engineering News-Record's annual ranking of top 500 design firms.
Federal contracting would be key for the new company, whose combined 2006 revenue is $7.6 billion, the fourth-highest among . publicly-traded engineering and construction companies.
The new company would be one of the top five providers of defense technical services. This month, URS was one of two companies that won a contract to help manage post-disaster housing inspection services for the Department of Homeland Security's Federal Emergency Management Agency.
This year, activists attacked Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) for having an alleged conflict of interest because she held key positions on the Senate's military construction appropriations subcommittee while her husband, Richard Blum, had financial interests in URS. Feinstein's office denied any ethical problems."

The media fails to explore the connection. Why is that important. Check the date of the contract and completion of the of the project for the Sabo Bridge in the following image. Martin Olav Sabo Bridge

Sabo Bridge Specs

Now we look at video of the 35 W bridge collapse, the date of Aug 1, 2007.  A variety of government projects for URS that were great for them, but not so great for the citizens and taxpayers.

  In 2003 the state department of transportation contracted with URS Corporation to inspect the bridge and recommend repairs.  In 2007 the department awarded a contract to a construction firm to repair the bridge.  Repairs began in June 2007 with the intent to be completed in September 2007.  While the repair work was still in progress, however, the bridge collapsed and thirteen people were killed and more than 100 were injured.  Statute of Repose Bars Indemnification Claim against Engineer that Designed Bridge that Collapsed

Aug 1, 2007 Bridge Work turns fatal.  A URS project

It is amazing what the leftist media is willing to overlook to keep the Democrat Party in power and the campaign contributions flowing. Imagine the power and influence of a senior Senator on powerful committees during the Democrat party's majority reign. With the media's complicit silence, the corrupt democrats and the party machine feeds off the treasury. 

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