Saturday, June 30, 2012

Two Faces - The Progressive Agenda

Compilation of Two Posters-White Privilege & Gay Rights (Bullying)

 The Local news has the two following stories within days of each other.  Compare and Contrast Coincidence. Academia and Labor pushing a LEFTIST UNION  AGENDA disguised as 'social-justice', 'civil rights' and 'equality'  The same players, demographics and mindset of occupy Wall Street  Altruism is the Morality of Cannibals  Negative Labels and emotional appeal are the only talking points remaining for the left, as they defy and defile the Constitution.


Anti-Bullying Film by Edina High School Grad Hits Cinema

 By: Joy Lim Nakrin  6/29/2012 Anti-Bullying Film by Edina High School Grad Hits Cinema

A west metro student is standing up against bullying on the big screen."Minnesota Nice? A Documentary on Bullying in Minnesota Public Schools," premiered at the Edina Cinema Friday night.

Its creator is 18-year-old Alec Fischer, who says he was bullied so badly he considered suicide. He says he's seen the same happen to many schoolmates at Edina High School, so he decided to fight it with this film.

MNNICE Trailer
"For every kid that sees it, hopefully two kids now will stand up against a bully," Fischer said.
Fischer started work on the film last November, then showed it at Edina High last May. School leaders say it was so powerful that they plan to make the film part of the curriculum.

A story about a great kid helping kids in the local media. Until we compare it to the blog I just finished today about Duluth's progressive coalition latest campaign. The  AFL-CIO sponsors a race-hustle project called UN-Fair.  Let's compare the two briefly. First, the advertising and timeline of Minnesota Nice? A Documentary on Bullying in Mn Public Schools.

Gay Rights Disguised as Anti-Bullying Campaign

Timeline for this project starts in November
Nearly identical to the UnFair Campaign

YWCA and AFL-CIO launches War on White Women 

Un-Fair It is hard to see racism when you are white
Posters were printed and made available to partner organizations from mid-October 2011 through January 2012
Un-Fair Racism Campaign Poster
Un-Fair Racism Campaign Poster

A bullying "epidemic" ? Hardly. A cultural marxist push disguised as egalitarianism? As usual. Progressive's promise of Utopia are timeless. Unfortunately, history shows us they are just good at propaganda.
Professor of Victimology

Make Mine Freedom- John Sutherland

Leftists divide us by race, class, age and sex, all the while yelling unity and democracy. Another glimpse at the tactics of the Barack Obama 2012 Coalition.