Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Oakland PD gets Occupied by the Feds

 A few months ago, the Oakland Police Department had a Federal Monitor ordered in with the threat of a Federal Takeover of the local police department for "reforms".  The Associated Press article starts with the following:

Note Angle and Sparks of Explosive Object-Screen Capture
"Progress on reforms has stalled at the Oakland Police Department, according to a federal monitor who also said the agency failed to properly prepare for last year's Occupy protests.
The quarterly report released Monday criticized the department's reaction to the protests as an "overwhelming military-type response."
Former U.S. Marine Scott Olsen was critically injured Oct. 25 when he was hit in the head with a beanbag round fired by an Oakland SWAT team member, the report noted.
"We have viewed many official and unofficial video clips of the Occupy Oakland-related incidents," the report said. "These recordings lead us to ask additional questions as the level of force that was used by OPD officers, and whether that use of force was in compliance with the department's use of force policies."  "The findings could bring the department one step closer to a federal court takeover."
Court monitor: Oakland police reforms stagnating 

Youtube movie with beanbag rounds
Some Examples with ranges given:

Video of Scot Olsen at Occupy Oakland- Even their selective edit shows too much

In my blog I address the claims by Occupy Oakland that Scott Olsen was shot by the Oakland Police or Sheriff's department with a tear-gas canister in the face.  Occupy Oakland had a NASA analyst examine aerial footage of the event to verify their canister theory. Attack on Scott Olsen at Occupy Oakland 

Before and After
 Occupy Oakland has the following link:
Aerial footage shows gas canister hitting Scott Olsen in head

"I showed the video to former NASA photo analyst Michael Rivero, to see if he thought the low trajectory of the tear gas canister fired at Olsen shows that the attack was intentional.   Rivero is an imaging expert with experience with NASA probes, and so is expert at assessing height, angle and object size from photos taken from various distances and at different angles.
Rivero told me:

I agree the low angle indicates the shot was aimed at Scott.
This is a favorite trick of the Israelis to kill people while pretending it was an accident.
For background on the use of tear gas in Israel, see this."   ========================================================================
Beanbag? Gas canister? Close-range intentional headshot on a veteran by a cop? NASA qualified experts says gas canister, Feds say beanbag. If it sparks, blows up and hits from behind, what do you say?

Unprovoked and heavy handed response by police?

                               Harmless  protesters or instigation and a chance to assault police?

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