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The Logical Song and Dance

Classic Star Trek Chess

 Republicans, Set to Stun?

The debate of Left vs Right positions and victory in election 2012 just cannot work without accounting for the pull of the newly fashionable and self described  Libertarians. The powers have changed the game again. The election is not a single board game of checkers. The line or Republican-Democrat spectrum isn't straight and 2D, it is three dimensional and built for mass appeal. The new coalition of the Left are hardly the democrats you have known in your lifetime, but is rather a dabbling in anarchy disguised as left-libertarian for acceptance, marxism as democratic socialism for fairness and new age mysticism for a "morality" in their arguments and to attract the young and disillusioned voters. Their messages and argument are far from complete and rarely constitutional. The ideas only have to be a soundbite in length for the sympathetic and far left of center main steam media for a gut reaction and emotional appeal. The information examined is devoid of math and reason. It is political song and dance To steal the phrase "It is not logical".
Politics and Game Strategy- Star Trek Chess

Once we realize this election is a 3D chess game, we just have to examine the pieces and purposes. A great example of a pawn who possesses all the traits of a revolutionary poser of the left is Anthony Kapel "Van" Jones. Much has been written about the former RED Green Jobs Czar, but in the video that follows, you will see how ecology and marxism has been blended with a new age spirituality or mysticism for cult appeal. 

Anthony "Van" Jones in 'Fierce Light-When Spirit Meets Action 2008
Anthiny Kapel "Van" Jones at wiki      

The populist appeal and surge of numbers of supporters for Ron Paul, a right-Libertarian considered a Republican by the press and American People, is a vote for overthrow of the GOP while the other R candidates were in the mode of "reform"          

6 Kinds of  Libertarianism as described by a Ron Paul Supporter

The left-libertarians easily ally with the New Left eco-marxists and social democrats. the only question remains for the next election is which way will the right-libertarians vote. They seem to embrace the spirit of anarchy, how about the "fairness" of socialism?

Synthesis of the New Left- The Time is Right

The new left shouldn't be labelled as socialists, liberals or marxists. Leftist is a name that will do just fine.We need to get past the semantics of what they should be called and focus on the message of decolonialism, deindustrialism and the other hidden tenets of marxism in their message.

Straight from the Communist Manifesto:
1. Expropriation of landed property, and the use of land rents to defray state expenditure
2. A vigorously graded income tax
3. Abolition of the right of inheritance
4. Confiscation of the property of all emigres and rebels
5. Centralization of credit in the hands of the State, by means of a national bank with state capital and an exclusive monopoly
6. Centralization of the means of transport in the hands of the State
7. Increase of national factories and means of production, cultivation of uncultivated land, and improvement of cultivated land in accordance with a general plan
8. Universal and equal obligation to work; organization of industrial armies, especially for agriculture
9. Agriculture and urban industry to work hand-in-hand, in such a way as, by degrees, to obliterate the distinction between town and country
10. Public and free education of all children.  Abolition of factory work for children in its present form.  Education and material production to be combined.

1934 Editorial Cartoon
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