Monday, April 23, 2012

Electricity Skyrockets Red Glare


The chattering class will discuss the problems the current President Barack Obama faces in regards to energy prices. Some will say he inherited them from the previous administration, some will say it is evil Wall Street speculators. Few will say higher energy prices were Barack Obama's plan all along. Who are we to believe?

 Barack Obama on an aggressive Cap and Trade Policy

Barack Obama's plan for Electricity Rates

If I wanted America To Fail

Rahm Emanuel, Former Obama Chief of Staff on the Opportunity of Crisis

Process of change. Ideological subversion, Active Measures

Videos of how and why, motive and opportunity and even follow the money. Global carbon credits, global governance, global currency, global spending for global "justice".  For that, you get the boogiefinger.

Schoolhouse Rock - Electricity
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