Sunday, May 13, 2012

Driving Budget Spending- Jones'in for ReElection

1934 editorial cartoon

Federal spending levels are outrageous and without accountability, only continuing resolutions to operate the government. Stimulus level spending every year of President Obama.  Even the president's architects and advisers couldn't justify the spending in the stimulus plan. Larry Summer's 57 page memo clearly says the level of spending should have been far less, the difference having little effect. Where did it all go? 05/13/2012 15.7 trillion dollars US Debtclock

What does 15 trillion dollars look like in 100 dollar bill
"But it is important to recognize that we can only generate about $225 billion of actual spending on priority investments over next two years. and this is after making what some might argue are optimistic assumptions about the scale of investments in areas like Health IT that are feasible over this period. "     The Most Important Passage From the Secret Larry Summers Memo 

Automobiles, and GM's success in particular, are a favorite theme of the president. Positive results from Toyota Toyota’s Profit, Outlook Soar as Full Production Recovers   and Ford Ford posts $1.4 billion profit despite big Europe loss should mute the discussion of bailout success and point to low interest rates and even the billions still owed to the taxpayers by GM. Obama Pushes False GM Success Story

May 2010 date on video of President Obama talking about Republicans

 The lack of budget and the reckless spending levels should be of our immediate concern and we can study the past to reduce the chance of economic disruption. If President Obama wants accountability, he should look no further than his roundtable, rolodex and reflectionObama, Democrats not serious about passing budget  

I say demand accountability Mr. President.   Derivatives, Deregulation and Democrats

Medal of Freedom to Warren Buffet
 President Obama lack's practical experience and leadership. Living life on the edge of the racecard, his only capabilities are to do and deliver lines.  When They Grow Up, They Want to Be President 

The current Democratic administration says the Republicans drunk-drove the economy into a ditch, I suggest the Democrats are 'driving this train high on cocaine'. Warren Buffett buys railroad giant Burlington for $26.3B

Warren Zevon covers Casey Jones on Deadicated

Crony capitalism leaves a bad taste and gives you.................

Locomotive Breath

Lead from the Caboose

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