Sunday, May 27, 2012

Fashionably Forward

President Obama Releases New Campaign Ad: Forward [Video]  President Obama is using only one word to describe his re-election campaign: forward. The POTUS, whose comedy bit was the talk of this year's White House Correspondence Dinner, released a seven-minute video Monday (April 30), showing the changes he's made since taking office in 2008.

The video begins with clips of the tail end of the George W. Bush administration, which kick-started the recession. “On the day Barack Obama took office, America had already lost 4.4 million jobs — an economic disaster, the worst in a generation," states the video's narrator. "Some said America's best days were behind us, and like America, he dug deep, fought back and never lost faith in our ability to meet the challenge.”
Obama will screen the video during two re-election rallies to be held in Virginia and Ohio over the weekend, the latter of which is an important voting state for politicians. As his campaign gains footing, the Commander in Chief continues to brush off  criticism from his competitor, Mitt Romney. Aides for the potential Republican nominee blasted the president for eating dog meat as a child, and have  released their own campaign video tiled Broken Promises, criticizing Obama's tenure over the last four years.

Obama2012 Slogan and Video for "Forward"

Lets take a look at the political spectrum in the United States

The Political Spectrum in the U.S.

Now we know the spectrum, how much of a distance is there between socialism, marxism and fascism? If socialism and the tenets of marxism permeate the teachings of black liberation theology, critical race theory and globalism, what can we expect when these teachings and ideals blend with the anarchic players in the environmental and anti-war left? We get Occupy Wall Street or New Black Panthers and race hustlers like Al Sharpton. We get class envy and attempts to even divide the sexes. The current leaders are allied with these saboteurs of the new left. Soros and the usual suspects fund, reward and idolize "activist" bombers like Brett Kimberlin and Bill Ayers. Terror and suppression and sedition. The ends justify the means.

Forward-History or hybrid?

Let's talk about the maneuvers in the United Nations such as the LOST Sea Treaty, Small Arms Treaty or talks of Global income taxes, global financial transaction taxes and more to fund your "global initiatives" and trample our sovereignty for the sake of your utopia. The current administration rules by executive fiat, parliamentary tricks and abuse of czars and agency. How constitutional is a continuing budget resolution and out of control debt? How constitutional is Obamacare? Lack of commerce is commerce? Taxes aren't punitive or tyrannical, they are just "boatloads of cash" like SCOTUS Justice Kagan says. Pardon me if you arent the party of the rich, spelled Mark Rich, and the party of corruption spelled Jon Corzine.

Traditional fascism is a great model for your deployment of attackwatch, truthteam2012 and the media control with media matters and think progress. FORWARD you frauds with fascist tendencies, now that is progressive.

Gang of Four-  I love a Man in Uniform

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