Saturday, October 15, 2011

Poverty of the Soul

At this point, you should have a glimpse of your beloved Democratic Party. Your parents or grandparents wouldnt recognize this party of today. You will say to yourself, I am not that extreme, they dont represent me. But they do. The coalition gathered in the last few election cycles for the left to maintain and gain more power has lurched far leftwards. Meet your second cousins the marxists and anarchists and social labor. A left of center media doesn't help with your impressions. The one sided coverage of who these people are and their funding is laughable. Rolling Stone - The Occupy Wall Street Propaganda Machine

Fashion- Making a Statement

I have spent my time digging into the coalition and have left a few things to follow in my blogs and youtube channel  The infiltration by the fringe of the union and political leadership of the left should alarm you. I mention fabian socialism and it was denied, only to hear tired arguments about the "British Elite" and retread 60's Revolutionary jargon. There is a ever growing crack in the Liberty Bell, and the fissure seems to veer left.

Fabian Window @ LSE

Marching on the Federal Reserve for Global Bankers

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Skateboard Punks Black Bloc

Occupy Wall Street - Scripted by Global Interests