Saturday, October 1, 2011

Maybe you should just learn to #Occupy your time

Yes you say you favor a free market with heavy regulations and see no contradictions or issues of efficiencies or world competitiveness in your approach. Now we lack a free market and you already have your heavy regulation  You demand more. You claim that Wall Street drove the country into the ground,

It was your neighbors that quit paying their mortgages (1 in 5 strategic default ) that started this to unravel. People so levered up with debt to live the life they think they DESERVE, not one they earned. Ask Wall Street for a government backed loan and they will deliver. That is what they do. Now buy a house with no money down, then take out a Home Equity Loan on a padded appraisal. . You just had to watch all the house flipping shows to know this was going to be a disaster. Yes, your big government and regulators caused this. I am glad you are so insightful as to ask them for a lot more.

Dodd, Pelosi, Frank and Reid were just some of the big name Dems that had regulation and oversight of Wall Street even before the collapse. They not only watched, they benefited with VIP mortgages. How does the Democratic party really feel about Wall Street. Christopher Dodd headed the Banking Committee and was in charge of reform. How much banking did he really learn as  "friends of Mozilo" They had the Dodd Frank bill as a fix which makes no mention of too big to fail, and actually created even larger banks.

GM also got a bailout and all the Union members now get big bonuses, while 20 percent of America is out of work. GM still owes the the taxpayer billions.  Since they donate and support Obama and your cause I can see why they are above scrutiny. What about Franklin Raines and Fannie and Freddie and the Democrats direct responsibility for the Sub Prime Crisis?  You guessed it. Blame George Bush.

 If your head just didn't occupy your ass this would be a better place for us all.