Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Sound of Sound Money

I will have to admit the fact that I am part of the NEO-Con Mossad if that will help you Ron Paul supporters deal with the bad news.  Your man of ideals is a muppet too. Seemingly a man of principles, it was always easy to hide behind the Libertarian catch phrase of "it is not in the constitution". Letter and spirit of the law would be more intellectually honest, wouldn't it , Paulbotz? Let's talk about money  

SOUND MONEY you say like a patriot. The money should be backed by gold, you say. My intelligence and capability to understand the concept of a fiat currency in doubt. Doubt?  It seems your solid, golden argument has a flaw  In fact, it is. iron pyrite, or Fools Gold. The graph shows the Value of ALL THE GOLD THAT HAS EVER BEEN MINED to the debt of the world. Not only don't we have enough gold,  If we bought gold to back the currency, the price would necessarily skyrocket., the last remaining ounces too expensive to purchase.  It cannot work.  You have no Sound Money Argument.

Enough of the crypto-globalist speak and just say "SOUND MONEY MEANS A GLOBAL CURRENCY" So you can really only coin a phrase and it still sounds like funny money to me.   

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