Saturday, October 1, 2011

Public Unions are Antithetical to the concept of public service

Union jobs are on the decline for decades now, all the while productivity per worker has continually increased in this country. So the unions cant be productive enough to justify the higher wage. If an auto company opens a factory down south in a non union shop, the workers pay seems in line with their high productivity to actually benefit the company and the worker. Instead of the emotional appeal of buy American, make the best in terms of cost and quality and I will naturally seek it out as a consumer.

The private sector is the only side to compete,however, required to continually innovate or boost productivity or cease to exist. So a public sector "industry" that is controlled by unions, with no measure of efficiency, no need to compete in price or productivity and still uses a benefit system that failed and bankrupted more than a few companies in the private sector is contemptible  to a private sector employee earning less in the same job but competes for their job everyday.

F.D.R. Warned Us “It is impossible to bargain collectively with the government.”
Pattern Bargaining  Pattern bargaining is a process in labour relations, where a trade union gains a new and superior entitlement from one employer and then uses that agreement as a precedent to demand the same entitlement or a superior one from other employers

  Public workers pay to add work time, costing state pensions      "Air Time"  The practice, called buying "air time," lets state, municipal and school employees pay to add up to five years to their work history so they are eligible to retire and collect a lifetime pension. Workers already eligible for retirement can buy extra years to boost a pension by up to 25%.

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