Saturday, October 1, 2011

Open letter to MN Viking's owner Ziggy Wilf

Mr. Ziggy Wilf

Mr Ziggy Wilf, my hunch is you have a really good FICO score and would be able to get a better deal on a loan for a stadium.  Our new Governor spent too much and we just lost our AAA rating. Surely as a smart businessman you know that isn't a good sign. So let's stay positive.

Imagine the sense of accomplishment you will feel when you sit in your luxury box and it has that new stadium smell. Nice right? And All yours. I even thought of a name for your stadium that will have Jerry Jones in Dallas fit to be hog tied. ZIGGY'S STARDUST STADIUM I know, exciting right? So it's hard to sleep now that images of mirror balls are dancing in your head. So call your banker and setup the loan at record low rates. You might even get a free toaster.  


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