Saturday, October 1, 2011

Liberals even oppose the right to work

A right to work, how dare they give you a right to work, correct liberals? You don't like individual rights, although the whole country is founded on them. I have posted on the public sector union charade, I think a focus on the myth that progressive or liberal even has a place in a country founded on individual liberties is in order..

Try to micromanage and restrict my freedoms and behavior through your tyranny of consensus and doublespeak in your misguided attempt to turn this country into a social democracy. "And to the republic for which it stands", I will always stand behind the freedoms in this democratic republic, guaranteed in the constitution. They aren't renegotiable..They aren't variable. They are individual rights. If you don't honor your pledge, we cannot have liberty, and justice, for all. Where does your liberal collectivism fit into a nation of individual liberties, under the pursuit of happiness or is the commerce clause really that encompassing? Maybe Jefferson or Hamilton overlooked the group dynamic? No they didn't. Other progressives like Marx, Engels, Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot seem to embrace your ideas. Nothing better than being a comrade, unless you are a party member, then it is a step up in equality. Workers of the world unite. Your intellectual and moral positions ring hollow