Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Democratic Election Year Race Hustle Is Dishonest & Deadly

The Democratic party decided long ago to do the race-hustle for election 2016.. The false race narrative was always a key to Democrat election victory. they decided to stack the deck in election 2016 with almost all race cards.

The deep pockets behind Black Lives matter along the open support of big labor really helped with the ground game.  I should also mention some of the rest of the Occupy coalition such as illegal immigration supporters and the LGBT community. Academia helped with manufacturing the scripts and the 'studies' and these factoids were eagerly parrotted by their allies in the media.  Besides the street charades of BLM, the media insist the protests aren't violent and academia generates the next talking points. 

Here are a few examples of the left's dishonest narrative on guns and race. 

Of course we can't leave out the 'Rev. Al '

And the ever dramatic Black LIES Matter

The Democratic Party openly admitted that their supporters are stupid and the rely on that to pass their agenda. The question is, can they really go this LOW and zero info with the  race hustle 2016?