Sunday, July 17, 2016

Al Sharpton Says Left Wing Media Darlings Black Lives Matter Being Muted

Just a few sentences from this article  (AP) 
NEW YORK (AP) -- The Rev. Al Sharpton criticized efforts to mute the Black Lives Matter movement Saturday, saying a sustained protest is the only way to force change. 
"It's mind changing time," Sharpton told listeners during his weekly address at the National Action Network's "House of Justice" in Harlem. 
He urged others to ignore the calls from critics to scale back or stop rallies organized by the Black Lives Matter movement.
Al Sharpton just wants people to ignore the truth. False premises are Al Sharpton's specialty and Black Lives Matter has been caught in their fair share of LIES too. Both have fomented, inspired or instigated'  riots, arson and the murder of police officers.

Al Sharpton isn't credible. Remember Tawana Brawley ?

From the BIG LIE of Ferguson to the assassination of police officers in NYC and Dallas the Democratic party and their coalition are in full activist mode going into this election. Never mind the truth, then again their candidate is Hillary Clinton.

"Hands up Don't Shoot" NEVER Happened and is given 4 Pinocchios

A 4 Pinocchio lie that the White House was there to support from the beginning 

Black Lives Matter was active in many towns. If you happened to live in Minneapolis,BLM also pushed the Jamar Clark story which was false. The protests came with the usual drama cheered on and spun by the media. The 4th precinct was surrounded and the sympathetic mayor backed the proven LIARS in BLM versus her own police. Nothing like black power, anarchy and marxism.

Then again, the Democratic party has a history with black power and black militancy. The new version of black power is Black Lives Matter. No matter what you call it , it still means kill white people and police.

Dallas Cop Killer, cites BLM and desire to kill whites and cops  Black power fist. 
Black power fist means kill whites and cops - BLM Rally

Support Black LIES Matter and support cop killers like Assata.

Black panthers, black  power, black lives matter .

Al Sharpton, Obama's race ambassador ...

BLM, Sharpton and Obama are no strangers to race hustling and telling a BIG LIE. 

Is BLM being muted ?  It sure looks like it at a more recent 3 hour White House meeting between Obama, Sharpton and BLM's Deray.

Then again, Deray is no stranger to the White House. If you can get a few cities burned down and some cops killed for election 2016 the Divider in Chief can always make time for you.

Black power at the White House with Deray. 
BLM is just another group pushing a false race narrative that is vital to election 2016 for the left.. Identity politics and lies are all the Democrats need to win. Gruber pointed out what half of  America already knew. Democrats rely on the stupidity of their supporters.  Dumbing down the electorate will help the Democrats move ever further left, by design.

 As Howard Zinn pointed out, the time was right for the merging of the red and the black flags, which is anarchic-marxism. Just add in some black power ....


BLM plus black and red. 
Black power, communism and anarchists. 

BLM - red black flags pushing Jamar Clark lie. 

It is time for the truth and the Republic to matter.