Thursday, May 28, 2015

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders - Useful Idiots, Unicorns & Utopia

The left wing in America is represented by a variety of populists that each hate America and the Republic for which it stands.  Bernie Sanders is an openly socialist 'Independent' Senator from Vermont.  Bernie caucuses with the Democrats and is pretending to run for President and to oppose  Hillary Clinton, the progressive disciple of Saul Alinsky., in the primaries.  What are some things we should know about Bernie Sanders ? Here is a list from the leftist outfit, MSNBC.

The 25 best things we learned from Bernie Sanders’ book
Sen. Bernie Sanders’ political memoir, published by the radical left-wing Verso Books in 1997, has been out of print for several years. It’s shot up in value on used book sites since Sanders announced his presidential campaign, with some sellers asking over$400 for an “extremely rare” paperback copy (it’s available for $65 on Amazon).
The 2 items from the list that should really stand out......

Bernie Sanders doesn't love America or the Constitution and actually detests the Republic.  In fact, he thinks we should be socialist and communist, like Europe. America is not a democracy. In fact, the word democracy doesn't appear in the Constitution.  But that doesn't stop this socialist democrat  from trying to destroy this country in the name of 'utopia' and pushing their populist, progressive pablum. Democrats are nothing more than useful idiots,