Saturday, May 16, 2015

California Democrat Senate Candidates on the War Path at State Convention

Democrats are the party of political correctness and hypocrisy. Identity politics is the mainstay of the modern Democrat party with hyphenated-Americans and women lamenting their victim-hood with exaggerated stories, fictional statistics,  if not out-right lies

As with any 'eyebrow' raising conduct by a Democrat, would the conduct be acceptable and barely mentioned in the news if it were a Republican?  The following article from the LaTimes reports on events at  the state Democratic Party convention in Anaheim on Saturday....

Kamala Harris calls Loretta Sanchez's Native American 'war cry' shocking

Some of the dynamics likely to animate the U.S. Senate campaign in the months ahead were evident at the state Democratic Party convention in Anaheim on Saturday. 
Immediately after state Atty. Gen. Kamala Harris held an afternoon news conference, she was asked by reporters to respond to a joke that U.S. Rep. Loretta Sanchez had made about the difference between Indian Americans and Native Americans.

Sanchez had tapped her hand to her mouth in an imitation of a Native American "war cry," a reporter said, causing Harris' eyebrows to lift. 
"I don’t know what to say to that. That – that- that’s shocking," Harris said. "That’s shocking," she repeated. 
Outside, Sanchez's Mambos and Margaritas event was getting underway, but the festive mood was undercut somewhat when she was asked about the joke. 
"I got a call from somebody ..., and he said I want to talk to you about having help from the Indian community, and I thought he meant the American Indian community, in the sense of the Native American Indian community," Sanchez explained. 

Updated with  video  05/17/2015
One reporter asked her if the "war cry" gesture was appropriate. 
"Well, I think Native Americans have an incredibly great history, and a great presence in our country, and many of them are supporting our election," Sanchez said before turning her back on him. 
Meanwhile, Harris was on her way to her own evening event, a slightly more staid Cookies with Kamala session that lacked the rhythmic tunes to which Sanchez was explaining her Indian joke.