Sunday, May 17, 2015

Stephanopoulos, ABC Have Not Fully Disclosed Clinton Ties

Peter Schweizer is the author of Clinton Cash and was a guest on ABC's This Week with George Stephanopoulos. The grilling of the author by George Stephanopoulos was memorable and even motivated me to make the following video after Schweizer's appearance on that Sunday show.

* After The Washington Free Beacon investigated and broke the story of Stephanopoulis's donations and conflict of interest, ABC tried their best to downplay the events and sabotage the story.  After the information went public, the author Pete Schweizer points out some facts intentionally 'overlooked' by Stephanopoulos in his lame apologies.  An excerpt of the article that points out the extent of Stephanopoulos's involvement with the Clintons and their foundations.......

ABC's anchor much closer to Hillary's foundation than he told his viewers.

And even though he has apologized to his viewers for keeping this information from both his audience and his bosses, there is much that Stephanopoulos has yet to disclose to his viewers. Indeed, far from being a passive donor who strokes Clinton Foundation checks from afar, a closer look reveals that Stephanopoulos is an ardent and engaged Clinton Foundation advocate. 
For example, in his on air apology for this ethical mess, Stephanopoulos did not disclose that in 2006 he was a featured attendee and panel moderator at the annual meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI). 
He did not disclose that in 2007, he was a featured attendee at the CGI annual meeting, a gathering also attended by several individuals I report on in Clinton Cash, including mega Clinton Foundation donors Lucas Lundin, Frank Giustra, Frank Holmes, and Carlos Slim — individuals whose involvement with the Clintons I assumed he had invited me on his program to discuss. 
Stephanopoulos did not disclose that he was a 2008 panelist at the CGI annual meeting which, once again, featured individuals I report on in the book, such as billionaire Clinton Foundation foreign donor Denis O'Brien

Video: More background on the lack of ethics and bias at ABC News.  

ABC's most visible news employee did not disclose that in 2009, he served as a panel moderator at CGI's annual meeting, nor did he disclose that in 2010 and 2011, he was an official CGI member. 
Stephanopoulos did not disclose that in 2013 and 2014, he and Chelsea Clintonserved as CGI contest judges for awards, in part, underwritten by Laureate International Universities — a for-profit education company I report on in the book. Bill Clinton was on its payroll until his recent resignation. 
Obviously, Stephanopoulos has favorable feelings toward Hillary and Bill Clinton; he gives their foundation his money and his time. Big-time news media personalities have one thing in very short supply — time. Regular participation in Clinton Foundation events shows a deeper commitment to the Clintons than just the donations.