Thursday, March 19, 2015

Projection - White House Rips Israel's Netanyahu for 'cynical,' 'divisive' rhetoric

White House rips Israel's Netanyahu for 'cynical,' 'divisive' rhetoric

What a great headline today from The Hill. The divider in chief Barack Obama's spokesman actually said these words.
The White House on Thursday criticized Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for warning in the run-up to his election that Arab-Israelis were voting in large numbers. 
White House press secretary Josh Earnest called the rhetoric a “cynical” and “divisive” campaign maneuver that marginalized Arab-Israeli citizens and undermined democratic values.
Democrats & this Administration have spent years and millions of dollars marginalizing a large segment of America. Classic Alinsky.
Should we overlook that fact that the Democrats HATE Israel and their leader Netanyahu?  Should we overlook the FACT that Obama and his administration funded the Prime Minister of Israel's opposition with taxpayer money ?  Should we overlook the fact that they called Netanyahu 'Chickenshit' ?

Group Working to Influence Israeli Elections Still Receiving State Department Funding Abraham Fund Initiatives received $98,000 grant from State
Anti-Netanyahu Nonprofit Forms New Entity After Congress Says It Violated Tax Law Obama-linked OneVoice under scrutiny for tax law violations, State Department Backing

Should we overlook the FACT that the Democrats want to dismantle the State of Israel ?
The BDS Movement Is About Dismantling Israel, Not The '67 Occupation
The Democrats Boycot, Divest and Sanction Israel, target its leader by funding the opposition and deploy former Obama campaign operatives to aid  the effort.  Now with that background, look at the keywords in quotes today from the White House today of  'divisive' and cynical' and the charges of marginalizing a segment of the population. That is projection in classic form.  This administration has worked feverishly attacking the TeaPary, with the aid of the compliant and complicit media.  Check out the speech that Democrat Senator Charles Schumer gives at the Center for American Progress about the Tea Party, marginalizing a large segment of the population with cynical and divisive rhetoric.  Words that were parroted by all the party faithful and their supporters in the Main Street Media.

Barack Obama and the anti-Semites on the left are frauds by every measure.