Saturday, March 14, 2015

Battle Brews Over NASA Funding & Missions

From The Hill:
A battle of interplanetary proportions is brewing on Capitol Hill. 
It’s not “Star Wars,” but partisan lines are quickly being drawn in a budget battle over the future of NASA, which could have a long-term impact on the space agency’s ability to explore the deepest corners of space as well as the ground beneath our feet. 
On one side are Republicans who accuse the Obama administration of taking its eye off the ball by funneling too much money into research about the planet Earth, rather than focusing on distant worlds and stars. 
On the other, Democrats argue that the administration’s plan is critical to harness the best of NASA’s talents, protect our planet and consistent with the agency’s wide-ranging mission.
Now that Republicans control both chambers of Congress for the first time in years, the fight is spilling into the open.  
“In the past six years, too much of NASA’s focus has been driven by the political agenda of politicians in Washington rather than the core mission of focusing on space exploration,” said Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), who leads the Senate subcommittee on Space, after a hearing on the agency’s budget this week. 
Who can forget this classic from NASA Administrator Charles Bolden.
“That’s what NASA was created to do and it’s where its energy should be focused.” 
Cruz pledged to flex Capitol Hill’s muscle by passing a NASA authorization bill that “continue[s] this discussion of getting back to the core priorities of NASA.” 
But Democrats are likely to push back.
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The Republicans have obvious concerns about the Obama administration using NASA to push their agenda.  Besides the global warming narrative that we are funding at the national and international level, who can forget the FOREMOST Obama directive for NASA to do Muslim Outreach..... Video

NASA Administrator Charles Bolden

Democrats push the false narrative that they are the 'party of science', when in reality they are the party of abuse of science. After all, they are the progressive party of eugenics and so much more.

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