Sunday, March 15, 2015

20 Year Old Black Male Arrested in Shooting of 2 White Cops in Ferguson

From The Hill
Picture from Gateway Pundit
Missouri law enforcement officials on Sunday announced they had apprehended a suspect in the shooting of two police officers in Ferguson last week. 
St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney Robert McCulloch identified the suspect as Jeffery Williams, 20. McCulloch said Williams was arrested Saturday night. 
McCulloch said police were charging Williams with two counts of first-degree assault, one count of firing a weapon from a vehicle and thee counts of armed criminal action. His bond was set at $300,000. McCulloch added that a 40mm  (sic .40 cal) handgun tied to the attack was recovered.
 Besides the headlines downplaying race in the other media outlets, what else is wrong with these pictures ?

Let's take a look at this tweet and compare it to the charges filed. First, a 20 year old isn't old enough to own a handgun  (No gun charge).    Second, he is on probation but he didn't violate it? .  Third, no hate crime for targeting the WHITE Police Officers? Fourth, no conspiracy charges?

Now we go to facebook to find that the shooter is Facebook friends of the thoroughly discredited LIAR Dorian Johnson who pushed the Hands up, Don't Shoot  LIE.  The Black Lives Matter leaders and protesters weren't concerned about the truth or justice, their only concern was the race hustle and continuing the FALSE Narratives.  When Dorian Johnson was found to be telling LIES to the grand juty, what did the authorities do?  They gave him a government job. 

The Michael Brown shooting LIE was backed by the Obama administration's DOJ led by Eric Holder and Obama's 'race ambassador' Al Sharpton was dispatched to foment the violence and further divide the community.  George Soros helped fund the protests to the tune of $ 33 million dollars.

Jeffery Williams even bragged about looting in Ferguson on his Facebook page. 

The professional protesters consisted of the usual suspects from the previous leftist street theater, which was Occupy Wall Street.  Social justice was the new banner to mobilize the collective.   What did we get ? Riot, arson, assault and murder. The police were the targets, too.

I have blogged previously about the collective and their backers, and the communist party in many forms were well represented in the Ferguson and Garner protests. which were all based on LIES. Lies pushed by members of Congress, Barack Obama at the U.N. and Holder's DOJ. .

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