Friday, March 21, 2014

OWS Protester Settles for Millions - Video Contradicts Findings

Lawyer: Vet Reaches $4.5M Settlement With Oakland
 By TERRY COLLINS Associated Press  Excerpted
An Iraq War veteran whose skull was fractured during an Occupy Oakland protest when he was hit by a beanbag round fired by police has reached a $4.5 million agreement to settle a federal lawsuit with the city of Oakland, his lawyers and city officials announced Friday. 
Scott Olsen, 26, sued the city in 2012 for medical expenses and injuries that also included a fractured vertebrae and hemorrhaging of the brain. Olsen was among more than 1,000 demonstrators protesting the police clearing of an Occupy Oakland encampment when struck by a beanbag fired by an officer outside City Hall on Oct. 25, 2011.
Olsen, who served two tours of duty as a U.S. Marine in Iraq, suffered permanent brain injuries and has not been able to return to his career as a computer systems administrator, his attorney Rachel Lederman said Friday. Olsen's lawyers said police investigators concluded he was struck by the round that was fired by an officer less than 30 feet away during the 2011 clash. 
Not a beanbag fired from a shotgun by the Police

"We're pleased that Scott is finally going to be getting some compensation for this really devastating injury," Lederman said. "He sustained some pretty serious brain damage resulting from being shot at a very close range."
Olsen said Friday outside of City Hall that he was relieved this chapter of his life is coming to a resolution.
 - There is a lot more to this story. Occupy Wall Street are the darlings of the media and the reporting has mostly reflected that.  What really happened that night in Oakland during the Occupy Wall Street  protest?   I blogged about it the moment I saw the videos.

Democracy Now! has always endorsed Occupy Wall Street distancing itself from truth