Thursday, March 20, 2014

Ladies Night? Obama Pivots and Panders for the Midterms

Barack Obama's foreign policy embarrassments hardly compare to the disasters on the domestic front. A floundering economy and the failed roll-out of his only 'achievement' Obamacare keeps the President stuck in campaign mode. A sure sign of a failed leader. What demographic will the panderer in chief target this week?

Obama turns to women's economic issues

President Obama will kick off a new springtime effort on women’s economic issues with a trip to Orlando on Wednesday, where he’ll discuss efforts to expand female higher education access.
The trip is the first in a series of events focusing on ways the president and federal government can help shrink the pay disparity between men and women and improve female employment numbers.
 Expand access to higher education for females?

Boys vs. girls: What's behind the college grad gender gap?
 FORTUNE -- The facts are plain, if puzzling: Not only do women enter college at higher rates than men, but they're less likely to drop out once they get there. Female grads now account for about 60% of U.S. bachelor's degree holders.

What about Obama's and the 'pay disparity' talking point?

How does Obama stack up on women’s pay himself?

But a McClatchy review of White House salaries shows that when the same calculations that produced the 77 cents is applied to the White House, the average female pay at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is less than the average male pay. When counted the same way that produced the 77-cent figure, the analysis found, women overall at the White House make 91 cents for every dollar men make. That’s an average salary of $84,082 for men and $76,516 for women

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Asked about its own payroll, the White House said Wednesday that it should be measured by how it pays men and women in the same jobs, but not the kind of broad brush that compares overall male and female pay.

 Eager to campaign with mythical math, the same metric shouldn't apply to the Obama White House.

"Women (are) paid 77 cents on the dollar for doing the same work as men."

 Our ruling 
The Obama campaign took a legitimate statistic and described it in a way that makes it sound much more dramatic than it actually is. The 77-cent figure is real, but it does not factor in occupations held, hours worked or length of tenure. Describing that statistic as referring to the pay for women "doing the same work as men" earns it a rating of Mostly False.

Speaking of measurements and talking points, why not try a distraction from the Obamacare debacle with Obama's WAR ON MEN? 

Priebus slammed by actuaries

 An organization representing the country’s actuaries is hitting back at Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus for claiming they conspired to “screw young people over” while designing ObamaCare.
 Obamacare sure does “screw young people over' by design, particularly males. Is that equality?
Women Should Pay More for Health Care
Women's costs are higher, and they live longer, yet Obamacare will charge men the same for health-insurance premiums
People are uncomfortable in acknowledging sex differences in health care costs, but they should recognize that those same differences crop up in other markets too.  It’s not discussed as frequently, but sometimes men are the ones paying more for certain purchases, like car insurance. Would it be fair to charge women more for it just to give men a discount?

Barack Obama is the most divisive president in history. The abuse of executive power combined with the perpetual campaigning and propagandizing by this administration to maintain power and build a 'legacy' is sickening. The left has built a coalition of minoritarian miscreants that is led by a serial liar.  'Liberalism' is nothing more than pandering to the gullible and their gonads and to hyphenated-Americans, who by their very nature, never have put America first.