Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Obama's Advisers and Academia Push High Taxes and the Collective

  The appearance of engaging the middle class is a Saul Alinsky tactic and a campaign promise, not a reality for Barack Obama and the new left or the middle class. Collectivism, globalism and punitive taxes on the 'wealthy' is the plan. Alinsky argues a bottom up change, Hillary Clinton's 'thesis' says that only a big government can bring about change or top-down. Anthony Van Jones says all of the above. 50 Shades of RED.

In one of his sharpest passages, Mr. Alinsky tells his readers, living in their “radicalized dream world,” not to ignore the lower-middle class:
They are a fearful people, who feel threatened from all sides: the nightmare of pending retirement and old age with a Social Security decimated by inflation; the shadow of unemployment from a slumping economy, with blacks, already fearsome because the cultures conflict, threatening job competition; the high cost of long-term illness; and finally with mortgages outstanding, they dread the possibility of property devaluation from non-whites moving into the neighborhood. ...Remember that even if you cannot win over the lower middle-class, at least parts of them must be persuaded to where there is at least communication, then to a series of partial agreements and a willingness to abstain from hard opposition as changes takes place. Word for Word | Saul Alinsky
Barack Obaam TEACHES Saul Alinsky

 "Organization for action will now and in the decade ahead center upon America's white middle class.  That is where the power is.  When more than three-fourths of our people from both the point of view of economics and of their self-identification are middle class, it is obvious that their action or inaction will determine the direction of change.  Large parts of the middle class, the 'silent majority,' must be activated..."   
"The middle classes are numb, bewildered, scared into silence.  They don't know what, if anything, they can do.  This is the job for today's radical--to fan the embers of hopelessness into a flame to fight.Thoughts on Saul Alinsky and the Present


A little background of community organizing puts this phony talk of helping the middle-class in perspective. Just more predictable soundbites of class war and redistribution of wealth.

Chairman Alan Krueger Discusses Reversing the Middle-Class Jobs Deficit

At 9:15 EDT on Thursday, April 26, 2012, President Obama’s Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers, Alan B. Krueger delivered remarks on “Reversing the Middle-Class Jobs Deficit” at the Columbia University in New York City, New York.
In his prepared remarks, Chairman Krueger said:
I will address problems in the U.S. labor market and President Obama’s blueprint to fix them.  My theme is that it will take a concerted national effort to reverse the problems that have been building in the job market for decades, and, although much more work needs to be done; we have made progress in the last few years.
Krueger added that:
The United States has considerable strengths that should help us to reverse the middle-class jobs deficit.  It is imperative for policymakers to develop and promote these strengths to create an expanding middle class and provide more opportunity for more young people, regardless of their family backgrounds.  As President Obama has stressed, this is the defining issue of our times. We face a critical moment in which we can pursue a path that leads to a more durable economy and growing opportunities for all Americans, or we can return to the policies that eroded the middle class and tilted an ever-increasing share of income into the hands of a fortunate few, who were allowed to play by their own rules.
 The fact the Democrats deregulated and crashed housing and the economy won't merit a mention?
 Derivatives, Deregulation and Democrats

Now the worlds longest seminar at Columbia

Watch live streaming video from columbiaalumniassociation at livestream.com

Around the 2 hour 25 min  mark, Jeffrey Sachs says of his favorite euro-socialist countries "They live like a society, rather than a group of individuals" Not much further than that, he explains, high taxes make you happy and the United State's LOW TAXES make us sad. The video is ridiculously long, but the leftist logic on display is interesting in small doses. The agenda and arguments have been the same from the leftists for more than a century, the current propaganda more professional and prolific.
Leftists WILL NEVER admit that it is a spending problem and not revenue.

Editorial Cartoon circa 1934

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