Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Just Joe, Just Words,Just Wrong

The Coverage of Joe Biden's Speech at Shanksville PA on 911

What a great headline from the discredited Talking Points Memo (below). 'The other side of Joe Biden' by David Kurtz.  The Paul Ryan is Lying  MEME was all their rage @tpm over the last few weeks. What kind of scrutiny could his speech receive? That's right. a suck-up piece. As in French-kissing-ass. A piece about Joe Biden as being worthy to speak at a memorial for any American. This stuffed peacock-parrot-hybrid of the Democrat Party cannot even be trusted with words, let alone the government.  

Let's see what those wordsmiths over @tpm came up with for the Joe Biden speech. What kind of background would you mention in a piece about Joe Biden and speeches? 

The Other Side Of Joe Biden

David Kurtz September 11, 2012, 1:09 PM

 Rarely do I watch Joe Biden give a speech or an interview without looking for some evidence, in his eyes or the lines of his face, of the fact that he lost half of his young family when he was 30 years old. It is inconceivable to me, always has been, but especially in the years since I became a father. For all his goofballism, Biden has gone through a crucible that I cannot imagine. And he did so when he was 30, an adult, already deeply invested in the life he was building.
 That’s not to diminish the tragedies that children endure. But at 30 years old to lose your wife and baby daughter, to almost lose your two toddler sons, and to somehow carry on? It truly baffles me. I know everyone says you do what you have to do. But that’s not really true. You don’t. You could curl up in the fetal position, if not literally then emotionally, and shrivel up. I’m more certain that that’s what I would do than I am confident I would find a way to persevere. But Biden has been through it. He’s seen hell and been back.

That he served his entire 36-year Senate career after that searing experience in December 1972, shortly after winning election, and then went on to become vice president, adds some drama to the story, I suppose. But for me the emotional highlight is just him getting out of bed the next day, and the day after that, and the one after that.
Which brings me to Joe Biden’s speech today in Shanksville, Penn., commemorating the victims of Sept. 11, 2001. The speech is marvelously and sensitively written. But rendered by Biden, drawing on his own life experience, in rhetorical ways that are not ostentatious and which don’t try to elevate his own story above those of the victims’ families, it packs a wallop that still makes me cut him a lot of slack for his sometime inexplicable goofiness.

From the transcript provided by the White House:(available at title link)
 I will spare you any of Joe Biden reading a teleprompter. Besides, his trouble with the truth makes it difficult to EVER believe him or to take him seriously. Should You?

 No. You can't Joe Biden at his word or Talking Points Memo seriously.